EU-Singapore FTA

Dec 3, 2020 05:50 AM

Shared outlook, mutual interests cement firm EU-Singapore ties

SINGAPORE and the European Union (EU) share excellent and growing bilateral relations. We are like-minded partners...

The EU and Singapore: strong partners for open, fair and free trade

IN times of the current global economic recession caused by the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, of uncertainties linked to the multilateral trading system and of geopolitical tensions, the European Union (EU) and Singapore stand together as strong partners to promote free, fair and open trade.

Tee Yih Jia stays the course in Europe despite pandemic

THE coronavirus pandemic may be heavily disrupting Tee Yih Jia's export business in Europe now, but it has not dampened the Singaporean frozen food manufacturer's plans to expand further in the region.

Tariff elimination, dispute resolution mechanism are EUSFTA highlights for Patec

WITH more than a decade of experience in Hungary under its belt, Singapore-based engineering solutions provider Patec certainly knows something about the pros and cons of operating in the vast European market.

Dim sum in the EU? SBF aims to help Singapore companies make inroads into Europe

WITH food security becoming an increasing concern for many countries during a pandemic, the food manufacturing sector could gain prominence, creating new business opportunities, including for export, said the Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), Ho Meng Kit.

Singapore's trade strategy to serve it well into 21st century

SINGAPORE'S trade strategy has evolved over the last three decades and it is well positioned to stay relevant to the business realities of the 21st century.

Strong IP regime essential for FrieslandCampina's innovation efforts

AS one of the world's top three dairy cooperatives, FrieslandCampina's products such as Dutch Lady and Friso are enjoyed around the globe by people of all ages.

EuroCham head calls on Singapore firms to take advantage of EUSFTA

BEING a diverse world of 27 countries, Europe holds ample opportunities for Singapore businesses looking to venture abroad, said the head of the European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (EuroCham).

EU-Singapore FTA a cushion against Covid-19

AT a time when trade is expected to dwindle in the face of a global health crisis, Singapore appears to be beating the odds when it comes to trading with the European Union (EU).

A concerted push to create more jobs and boost economic growth

A SMOOTH implementation of all the commitments of the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA) is a key priority for Singapore and the European Union (EU), said the European Union's Ambassador to Singapore Barbara Plinkert.

The EUSFTA at a glance

The European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA) builds upon and strengthens the close trade and investment links between both markets.


The EU's first FTA with an ASEAN member state.

Benefits of the EUSFTA

The timelines for tariff elimination vary by categories of goods.

Singapore an ideal hub to steer growth in Asia

ASK specialty chemical company Evonik why it chose Singapore as a key node in its global network and some of the factors listed will no doubt sound familiar.

The many benefits of the European Union-Singapore FTA

IN the decade-long journey behind the European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA), former Member of the European Parliament David Martin has seen the coming and going of trade ministers and ambassadors; the spinning-off of the investment protection elements into the EU-Singapore Investment Protection Agreement (EUSIPA); and even the agreements being cited in EU law.

Industry 4.0 a national priority

THE EU is a leading manufacturing hub, with most member states having made Industry 4.0 a national priority. European manufacturers are staying globally competitive by adopting "future of manufacturing" solutions, such as the Internet of Things (IOT), blockchain technology, and robotics.

Exciting innovations in medtech products and services

EUROPE'S medical technology (medtech) sector is one of the most innovative and scientifically advanced in the world.

Drive to create cleaner, safer transport systems

THE EU has been evaluating innovative technologies in mobility and transportation in a bid to move towards cleaner, more sustainable and safer transport systems.

Being smart about living in cities

EUROPE has a highly urbanised population, with 78 per cent of its citizens living in cities, and 85 per cent of the European Union's GDP generated from cities. Many European cities have been transitioning into low-carbon, resource-efficient and competitive economies.

Home to a robust fintech sector

THE financial services sector has traditionally had high barriers to entry, but has evolved significantly in Europe over the last decade.

Leveraging the EU-Singapore FTA to export Asian food products

IN the EU's manufacturing scene, the food and beverage (F&B) sector accounts for the largest share of both jobs and value-added. The EU's F&B exports have doubled over the last decade, amounting to some 110 billion euros (S$175 billion) in 2019.

An attractive market for consumer goods

WITH a population of 446 million - the world's third largest market after China and India - the EU is an attractive market for producers of consumer goods.