Leaders of Transformation

Oct 9, 2018 05:50 AM

Running the technology race

FEATS of engineering fill the cabinets and adorn the walls within Racer Technology's Changi South premises,...

Getting systematic

WHEN Kelvin Tan left a Japanese multinational corporation (MNC) to join Racer Technology in 2004, he suffered a massive culture shock.

Sea change in ship management

WHETHER the need was for a comprehensive software system or better-trained crew members, Executive Ship Management's approach was the same: in-house development.

Going digital on the seas and on shore

WHETHER onboard ships or in the office, Executive Ship Management has seen dramatic changes in the last decade as more processes go digital.

Taking technology out of the lab

SOME firms undertake research and development to develop new products for the market. Others, like genomic medicine company Lucence Diagnostics, originate from the lab themselves.

From lab work to impacting patients' lives

A MOLECULAR biologist by training, Yukti Choudhury spent five years of her PhD investigating the function of just 21 DNA base pairs - the building blocks of DNA - in relation to a specific type of cancer.

Super ways to handle waste

GREEN energy, laundry, and plastic bag production may not seem the most obvious activities for a waste management company. Behind these moves by 800 Super Holdings, however, is the core idea of not letting things go to waste - as these new areas are fed by the firm's existing businesses.

High-tech truck makes one-man show possible

FROM his seat in the truck's cabin, Balbant Singh, 61, pays careful attention to the digital screens and camera feeds beside him. Outside, a large metal claw lowers from the side of the truck, prongs adjusting to grip the nearby recycling bin.

Breaking new ground in concrete

A GLIMMERING bench, speckled with light, was among the highlights of August's Singapore Night Festival. Illuminated from within, it was made from translucent concrete - one of Pan-United Corporation's creations.

Concrete improvements

CONCRETE has a shelf life of just two hours. Each day, Pan-United's trucks ply the roads between batching plants - where concrete is produced - and construction worksites, delivering the material just in time.

Chye Thiam cleans up with tech

CHYE Thiam Maintenance has come a long way from its first modest grass-cutting and cleaning contract in 1979, with its projects today more likely to feature ozone water and robotic scrubbers.

Learning and growing with the firm

ONE episode from Lim Jo Hann's earliest days with Chye Thiam Maintenance still stays with him today.

New spins on classic ingredients

RED BEAN pancakes, seaweed crackers, banana fritters, nacho-esque chips - these and more can be made using the humble spring roll skin, as Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing's cheerful recipe videos demonstrate.

Handing tasks over to robots

PACKAGING roti prata was a numbing task when Chen Zhang Lin joined Tee Yih Jia in 2009, and not just because of the repetition involved.

Precursor to progress and digital solutions

PROFESSIONAL services firm Precursor started out offering conventional audit, accounting and tax services. Now it also serves clients in areas such as human resources (HR) - and even aims to help industry peers.

Solutions for staff and clients

AS part of Precursor's client services team, Teo Yian Quan does not only use the firm's new software suite in the course of his work, he also sells it to clients.

The challenging journey to self-driving

TRANSPORT software startup Swat's chief executive officer Jarrold Ong is used to being on the move.

Different routes to the same startup

SWAT's data team includes engineers from research backgrounds and from big software companies; PhDs, working alongside an intern from the National University of Singapore; and citizens of Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, and Russia.

Finding a real market for VR

FOR Sora Media, producing virtual reality (VR) films is a very real business today.

New angles on the film industry

WITH the rapid development of technology, once-complicated techniques are no longer flights of fancy for smaller filmmakers.

Sustenir sows the seeds of success

GROWING cold-weather crops such as strawberries and kale in Singapore might seem impossible to many, but that is exactly what Sustenir Agriculture is doing.

Growing a passion for plants

BEFORE Jaslin Koh joined Sustenir in 2015, she had no knowledge of agriculture. But after working with the firm's crops and learning more about vertical farming, she developed a passion for plants.

Seeing a future for short films

VISIT online video platform Viddsee, and one thing that might strike you - in contrast to other video hosting sites - is the utter lack of ads.

Harnessing data for better drama

WHEN filmmaker Kenny Tan was approached to join Viddsee in April last year, he was nonplussed. His response, he recalls, was: "I'm not really the curator type, I do creation!"

Fresh take on facilities management

SOME transformations are gradual and tentative. Facilities management provider CBM's journey was quite the opposite.

Lightening the load

OVER two decades in CBM, Mohamad Yazid bin Jasnay, 39, has seen workloads lighten in many ways.

Getting a flavour of the future

BEHIND the familiar tastes of many beloved food and beverage products, both local and regional, lies the hidden hand of KH Roberts.

Refining tastes made easier

THE mission remains the same: delivering flavours customised to clients' needs. But KH Roberts has grown better and more efficient in doing so - as new product development manager Derrick Heng, 33, has seen since joining the firm in 2009.

Property agency with tech edge

FOR property agency OrangeTee & Tie, "going digital" is not just some recent initiative. Instead, that has been its modus operandi since day one.

Agents of change at OrangeTee & Tie

WHEN Lawrence Tan joined OrangeTee back in 2004 - before it became OrangeTee & Tie - the agency was already ahead of the curve.

Grand new approach to hotel stays

WITH its latest redevelopment, Grand Park City Hall has not just transformed physically, but gained a digital edge too.

A better experience for staff, too

GRAND Park City Hall's mobile application provides a better experience not just for guests, but also for the hotel's frontline staff as well.

Helping clients to embark on their overseas and digital journeys

IN Louken Group's early years, its clients pushed the firm to go abroad and acquire new capabilities. Today, the branding and communication company leads clients overseas and on digital journeys of their own.

From consistency to dynamism

ESTABLISHING a brand was a very different task seven years ago, when Noah Lee joined Louken Group's brand agency A S Louken.

A Hope for the future

TRANSFORMATION is often seen - if erroneously - as an exercise meant for traditional firms which have not yet made the leap from old methods to future-ready approaches.

From machinist to production team leader

SHORTLY after Yeo Kain Thiong joined Hope Technik, he went from controlling shopfloor tools to building flying machines. Now, years later, he helps their new products take flight.

Maximising new opportunities in an old trade

JEWELLERY collections and designer handbags fill the shop window. Indoors, friendly staff wait behind glittering display counters.

From jewellery retailing, to pawnbroking, to risk and compliance

JENNIFER Tan, 60, would never have considered working in traditional pawnshops, with their "jail-like" bars and intimidating feel.

Extinguishing scepticism about change

IN AN industrial building in Woodlands, powerful arms work tirelessly: feeding sheet metal into machines, lifting heavy cylinders, welding and spray-painting.

Engineering greater efficiency

WHEN Lucas Fong joined Lingjack Engineering Works in 2010, the firm's engineering department was undergoing a modest change: switching from 2D drawing software for product designs to digital 3D modelling.

Transforming for a more secure future

OVER the last four decades, Ademco Security Group has been a pioneer in Singapore's security sector in many ways.

Going digital has improved efficiency of Ademco staff

WHEN Maung Maung Ye Htut started working for Ademco in 2007, it was much more of an "analog" world.

A family business takes the road less travelled

FAMILY businesses have a reputation - deserved or not - for being slow to change. And Singapore's entire tyre industry is, in a sense, a "family business".

A better way of taking stock

FINANCE manager Victor Leong, 47, has been with Binter for almost a decade. But his insight into its transformation goes back another half-a-dozen years - when he was previously one of Binter's auditors.

Startup aims to take the blues out of retail logistics

YOU might expect a start-up that rides on the e-commerce wave to be run by tech-savvy, code-fluent computer wizards with obscure engineering backgrounds.

Maintaining the human touch while going high-tech

WHEN Mohammed Nizzaar Abdul Nazzeer joined blu as a driver about a year ago, he knew there would be more to the job than simply getting from point A to point B.

Furnishing flexibility with e-commerce

A TYPICAL furniture showroom has space for about 200 to 300 products. Yet imagine one which can house thousands or even tens of thousands of items.

FortyTwo makes room for ideas from staff

WHEN Fadzly Othman joined FortyTwo as a web developer in 2012, he was looking forward to being part of a dynamic startup, not a traditional office environment.

Switch to smart factory helps JEP do more with less

ALMOST three decades ago, JEP Precision Engineering started out with a modest 10,000 sq ft production floor, where it produced small parts for the aerospace industry.

'If you don't analyse the data, it's just data.'

TWO years ago, Bryan Mok ran machines on JEP Precision Engineering's factory floor. Now, the 25-year-old engineer has a bird's-eye view of production operations.

Koufu serves up coffeeshop fare with a dash of futuristic flair

FROM freshly-brewed drinks to its wide range of stalls, the humble coffeeshop is a quintessentially Singaporean icon. But even traditional sectors have to move with the times.

Easier, leaner and cleaner

EACH night, after the coffeeshop where he worked closed for the day, floor manager Zhao Chun Yu, 34, used to spend an hour carefully counting the cash takings from each stall.