Singapore Corporate Awards 2018


Creating an effective board

Q: How many times a year does your board meet? Beyond these meetings, how actively is the board involved in the group's day-to-day operations?

Mr Sanjeev Dasgupta, CEO of the trustee-manager of Ascendas India Trust (a-iTrust), believes that being transparent and fostering close relationships with the investment community are critical elements underpinning the growth of the Trust.

RESORTS World Sentosa was the venue of several coronations on July 18 this year, with the Who's Who of the local business scene showing up for the prestigious 13th annual Singapore Corporate Awards.

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How does one ensure a well-managed board in a company?

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With over 70 years of experience, SATS’ success rests on strong business- and people-focused leadership, shares SATS president and chief executive officer Alex Hungate.

TEN years since the onset of the global financial crisis, the global financial system is probably safer, simpler and fairer as a result of regulatory reforms. But global banks and financial institutions still continue to grapple with a trust deficit.

CORPORATE culture is the set of values, principles and standards that results in shared norms and behaviour in a company. Culture cannot be seen, but is keenly felt by stakeholders.

Q: How have leadership roles changed over the years? What is required of a CEO today that may not have been necessary in the past?

"THERE are more than 50 ways for a company director to go to jail."

FOR companies to succeed today, they need to be both disruptors and innovators.

As the role of the CFO continues to change and broaden in the current operating environment, what are the challenges facing CFOs today?

EVERYONE has a view on what is important and urgent when it comes to making policies.

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