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Instilling purpose through innovation

Susan Chong.

Homegrown company Greenpac’s founder and chief executive officer Susan Chong (above) has the distinction of being in the select band of entrepre neurs who have bagged two awards at the Asean Business Awards 2018. She is the Singapore Winner of Women Entrepreneur and SME Excellence — Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) awards.

“I am humbled and honoured to be recognised in the Asean Business Awards. I hope this will in turn inspire and motivate other women to step forward, increasing their visibility and allow their abilities to take on a prominent role,” says Ms Chong.

“One should not let the size of their achievements deter them from achieving a greater good for the world. Start small, take little steps. With each step, we close the gap and get closer to reaching the ultimate goal,” she adds.

She feels that the Asean Business Awards are a great platform for businesses from the Asean region to intermingle and explore viable collaborations, as well as help to promote the visibility of the company’s profle in the Asean region.

Market voices on:

Greenpac is a knowledge-based company that provides environmentally-friendly innovative packaging solutions to its customers.

“The world is witnessing a strong call for carbon footprint reduction to achieve a sustainable future and hence Greenpac’s customised solutions help companies switch to environmentally-friendly packaging while reducing wastage and increasing cost savings,” says Ms Chong.

“To date, we serve Fortune 500 companies and are the market leader for environmentally-friendly packaging solutions in Asia.”

Moving forward, Greenpac will be focusing on developing growth for the international market in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace and defence industries.

On the CSR front, Greenpac has four signature programmes in place. These include the sponsorship of hydroponic systems to grow vegetables, the creation of learning journeys to educate people on the technology in the company’s zero-energy office, a month-long campaign to create awareness on the need to preserve the earth’s resources and the provision of internships for students.

This helps the company keep up with changing trends in the business landscape.

Ms Chong says: “The workforce today actively seeks a purpose-driven job as they are increasingly concerned with how they can positively impact the world around them.

“Volunteerism bonds employees from diverse backgrounds in pursuing a common goal which builds camaraderie and strengthens teamwork. This then creates positive impact in staff retention.”

Turning to the role of women entrepreneurs in the business world, Ms Chong feels that it is encouraging to see more women coming forward.

“In any business context, gender diversity has allowed for better performance and thus greater success when women get to play a pivotal role. Many women are prominent leaders in social spaces like CSR since they are inclined to compassion and empathy. They are good role models in inspiring other women,” she adds.