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Pioneer Adhesives: Stuck on success

Mr Spakowski feels that Pioneer Adhesives’ CSR efforts played a part in its success.

Although Pioneer Adhesives has been doing business in the Asean region for almost two decades, it is only in the last three years that it has expanded aggressively, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

It plans to grow its business in other Asean countries and India, where it opened offices this year.

“Our decision to put more resources in the region was in response to the establishment of the Asean Economic Community (EAC) in 2015, which envisions a highly integrated, cohesive and competitive economy for the community,” says Mr John Spakowski II, chairman and chief executive officer of Pioneer Adhesives, Inc, which has won the Priority Integration Sector - Automotive Sector award.

“Thus, this makes the Asean Business Awards very important as it inspires more companies and individuals to excel in their respective felds,” he adds.

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Pioneer Adhesives, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in February, is a leading adhesive and construction chemicals brand in the Philippines and hopes to gain a similar position soon in the Asean region and India.

The company’s major strategies include protecting its dominant positions in epoxies, instant glue and other adhesives for the Philippines market while increasing market share in other Asean countries.

It also aims to expand its construction chemical range, support the automotive and motorcycle sectors by supplying high quality and affordable products for the repair market and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), while continuing to grow its distribution networks in Indonesia and India and direct exports to other Asean countries, says Mr Spakowski.

“Winning the award brings much pride to us and to all our associates,” he says. “Without them, this award would not have been possible, and I hope this achievement will continue to inspire us to be the leading adhesive and construction solutions provider in Asean.”

Pioneer Adhesives is involved in at least seven of the 17 Priority Integration Sectors covered in the Asean Business Awards. Its products and systems are key to the development of the Fisheries, Infrastructure, Retail, Rubber-based, Tourism, Wood-based and Automotive sectors.

“I think our presence and support in these sectors and our aggressive regional expansion programmes have been given credit in the awarding. Another major factor that I think has garnered us this award is the effort that the frm puts in for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR),” says Mr Spakowski.

The company is involved in CSR through its Pioneer Adhesives Foundation, Inc., which is active in the felds of education, disaster relief and environment. It has had successful projects across the Philippines in coral restoration, mangrove and tree planting, coastal clean-up and ongoing scholarship programmes.

Going forward, the company plans to maintain its dominance in existing domestic markets by working closely with both existing and potential customers and providing them with more technical information and new products.

It is also looking to participate more fully in the construction boom that is taking place both in the Philippines and abroad.

At the same time, more emphasis will be placed on innovation through research and development.