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Knowing what the market needs is key

Dr Derek Goh: 'Knowing what the market needs is essential to growth.'

Dato' Seri Dr Derek Goh Bak Heng
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Serial System Ltd

Dato' Seri Dr Derek Goh Bak Heng founded Serial System as a sole proprietorship in 1988. He incorporated Serial System Ltd in 1992 and was the founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer when the company was listed in 1997. Dr Goh is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, with overall management responsibilities for the group.

What makes Serial System Ltd unique?

Listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange, Serial System is the largest electronic components distributor in Singapore. We crossed the US$1 billion revenue mark in 2014. We are entering a new phase of growth, venturing beyond core competencies into the distribution of finished consumer products.

Our current portfolio of finished goods comprises lifestyle and consumer electronic products such as timepieces, printer accessories, and even household appliances.

What is the company's market leadership strategy?

Serial System credits its market leadership to a three-pronged growth strategy approach that involves increasing revenue by expanding its portfolio of products, improving internal and operational efficiencies by focusing on supply chain management and business intelligence, and enhancing its presence by penetrating deeper in existing markets and expanding into new markets to widen its geographical reach.

Serial System endeavours to boost demand for its electronic components and to stay relevant by adding value to these products through design and other initiatives.

This has positioned the company to be an integral part of the supply chain, where it is able to bridge the gap between suppliers and manufacturers while shortening their time to market.