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Nurturing a culture of innovation

Mr Ivan Teh: 'It is through assurance in ourselves that our organisation's vision, what we believe in, and the achieving of goals set, becomes a natural flow of events.'

Mr Ivan Teh
Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director
Fusionex International Plc

Fusionex is an established, multi-award winning IT software group that specialises in Analytics, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). Its business is to help clients manage, make sense of and derive useful insights and information from the vast amounts of structured and unstructured data at their disposal. The company focuses on helping organisations start small but think big in their Big Data journey.

Fusionex's vision is to be a world-renowned IT brand of quality and distinction. Its mission is to create value by providing the best experience to enterprises across the globe through its innovative offerings.

As Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Fusionex International Plc, Ivan Teh is the driving force behind the foundation of the group in 2005. The former bed-sheet sales boy grew into a computer science 1st class graduate that blossomed in the IT industry.

With more than 16 years of work experience including managerial positions in multinationals spanning many countries, Mr Teh is frequently invited to give talks, present his views and share insights in forums and events globally.

When asked to comment about events leading up to Fusionex's incorporation, he said: "At that time, we identified a glaring gap between business and technology. Mega software vendors often forget that they sometimes do not speak the same language as business folk and we wanted to bridge that gap, to sort of humanise technology and help businesses solve the most complex problems faced through the development and innovation of software and technology.

"In short, Fusionex works towards humanising and simplifying technology, making it relatable and easy to use by everyone instead of just people from an IT background in today's technology-driven world and in doing so, bringing about a more focused, 'value' producing solution," said Mr Teh.

Today, Fusionex is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is one of the largest IT companies in the region, where its market capitalisation now exceeds RM1 billion.

In a market where clients are confused about the options they have and limited knowledge of how Big Data Analytics can help them in their businesses, Fusionex's ability to offer solutions in a quick, easy to use, wizard-driven method can be likened to what an experienced doctor would prescribe for organisations wanting to gain more insights into their businesses.

"We offer them solutions that are effective, easy to use and more importantly, can help them make sense of their data," Mr Teh shared. This ease-of-use is not something that came easy.

Mr Teh spent the early days of Fusionex understanding client needs and what they were willing to pay for, and then building the foundation for the technology platform with his team.

He recalls working 19-hour days in those first six months since Fusionex's incorporation, writing codes and endless meetings with potential clients, trying to gauge the pulse of what clients wanted.

Mr Teh formed his core team six months into the founding of Fusionex. This team comprised senior executives from established technology and consulting companies, the majority of whom are still with Fusionex today.

"The Fusionex culture is a culture of innovation. We listen and implement based on feedback from staff, thus empowering them with a sense of belonging and purpose. This in turn encourages staff to churn out innovative ideas that will benefit both the team and the company as a whole," said Mr Teh, when asked about the working life in Fusionex.

"An interesting example would be the establishment of our new Malaysian headquarters. The office was "built by the people, for the people".

"The innovation lies in the fact that the entire design and concept was produced internally by the Fusionex team members and all features in the office are there based on suggestions, requests, comments and feedback by the Fusionex staff."

As one of the few established Big Data Analytics players in Asia, Fusionex refuses to rest on its laurels and sees lots of opportunity for growth.

Mr Teh commented: "We have achieved a lot within the past few years but I strongly feel that we have yet to realise our true potential. Businesses are now more and more aware of how disruptive Big Data Analytics is and the opportunity to capitalise on this growing awareness is immense."

Fusionex, under the leadership of Ivan Teh, has won numerous awards and accolades which include the prestigious Microsoft Business Intelligence & Analytics Award at both Asia Pacific as well as global levels, the Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA Award) for its Big Data Analytics software, and more recently was crowned The Most Outstanding ICT Company at the Asian-Oceanic Computing Industry Organisation (ASOCIO) Honorary ICT Leadership Awards Ceremony, besting organisations across Asia-Oceania for this coveted title.

Mr Teh attributed the plethora of wins to the staff of Fusionex, whom he referred to as the 'Fantastic Fusionex Family'.

"Every morning when I wake up, what motivates me and drives me forward is simply the opportunity and the desire to do what we do best, to be passionate about what we do and in doing so, make a positive difference in the ecosystem, industry and community," he said.

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