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70 years and growing its wings

Thai Wah Public Company Limited's 70th anniversary celebration.

SINCE its founding in 1947, Thai Wah has grown sustainably over the past few decades in pursuit of its vision to be the regional leader in starch and starch-related products.

Following the merger of Thai Wah Foods and Thai Wah Starch in 2015, the company has built together a stronger operational and capital platform to innovate across its full portfolio of products including native and modified starch, vermicelli and rice noodle food products.

Over the last two years, the company has been actively investing for growth: these include a new rice noodle factory line, expanding the capacity of its factories in the North-east of Thailand and the opening of a new bio-power line for internal conversion of raw material waste into usable energy.

In 2016, the company also opened its Shanghai office as a direct sales channel to fortify and deepen its market leadership as the leading food-grade tapioca starch in Asia, under its Rose Brand.

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In 2017, Thai Wah also announced the majority acquisition of a modified starch platform, Tapioca Development Corp and will be preparing for the opening of two new factories in Northern Cambodia and Southern Vietnam.

To become a regional leader, Thai Wah expanded the export of food products to all regions of the world and strengthened its production base in Asean countries to support the growing world demand for consumer staple food products.

In Vietnam, the company boosted its glucose and manufacturing capabilities and is now the market leader serving a range of consumer goods clients in Vietnam and around the region.

It also recently launched its "Double Dragon Bean Vermicelli" in Vietnam and a new "Asian Inspired Noodle Kit", which through its unique formulation, is on the path to be a new market leader within 12 to 18 months.

Central to the company's strong ethos is leading through innovation and sustainability - this involves proudly working with thousands of farmers and partners who supply the key raw material of tapioca roots, and thereby becoming a source of pride to the Thai people.

As part of its sustainability initiatives, the company this year pioneered the use of a unique mobile technology device which it piloted with farmers in the North-east of Thailand; since 2016, the company has been working and conducting pilots in Myanmar and achieved the highest yields in the country, and there is a medium-term plan to roll this out nationally.

For over 70 years, Thai Wah has grown through its compelling vision to be a regional leader in starch and starch-related food products, committed to improving the quality of life to its stakeholders, and serving its customers daily with pride, integrity and consistency.