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Empowering Bruneian youths

Winners of the 10th Business Awards 2014 - 2015, an initiative by LiveWIRE Brunei to encourage and reward youth in Brunei for their business ideas and concepts.

LiveWIRE is originally an international programme developed by Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell) to support youth development. LiveWIRE International programmes run in many countries, including Argentina, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Chile, the United Kingdom, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iran, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, the Republic of Ireland, Romania, Singapore, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

LiveWIRE Brunei is a Brunei Shell Petroleum social investment programme aimed at developing an entrepreneurial culture through skills training and knowledge sharing. It was launched in Brunei on May 1, 2001 and is funded by Brunei Shell Petroleum Company as part of its commitment to the economic development of the country. It is a non-profit organisation focusing on developing a higher degree of responsibility in young Bruneians and helping them build a strong vision towards their future undertakings. It also advises local businesses during their startup stage right up to achieving sustainable growth.

Since its launch, LiveWIRE Brunei has helped more than 3,000 Bruneians through its various training programmes such as the LiveWIRE Brunei Bright Ideas Workshop, Becoming a Successful Owner Manager Workshop and LiveWIRE Brunei Leadership Camp Programme. The LiveWIRE Brunei Bright Ideas Workshop is a two-day workshop for fresh participants who have no idea or little knowledge of how to start a business and what it takes to be in business. It aims to encourage Bruneian youths to venture into self-employment and start their own businesses.

Becoming a Successful Owner Manager Workshop is for participants who wish to progress further in building their business ideas into actual businesses. The workshop trains the participants to develop their business ideas and research related markets. It also touches on the topics of marketing, management and financial control.

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LiveWIRE Brunei Leadership Camp Programme is designed to assess the participants' leadership qualities and equip them with leadership elements.

LiveWIRE Brunei continues to provide support for past participants of its programmes. LiveWIRE Brunei Business Network Community was set up for this purpose and comprises graduates from LiveWIRE Brunei programmes and supporters of LiveWIRE business activities. It seeks to promote interaction between past and current participants and to build a community of people who share similar interests. This community may be able to share skills and experiences to further boost their businesses. It also provides a place of networking for the participants to build their client base and create more business opportunities.

The board of directors is briefed on LiveWire Brunei's key performance indicators (KPI) every quarter. The board ensures that all the quarterly summaries of active plans as well as future plans are in line with LiveWIRE Brunei's mission and vision.

With a success rate for business startups under LiveWIRE Brunei at eight per cent, it is the most successful of the 22 local programmes that Shell supports around the world. The demand for LiveWIRE Brunei's workshops and programmes is consistently high. There is strong evidence that LiveWIRE Brunei's workshops and programmes have made a positive impact on the society and are highly desired.

Its strong presence in Brunei is further demonstrated by its growing portfolio of collaborations with government agencies and educational institutions which have shown a keen interest in its workshops and programmes.

To ensure success in the programme, commitment from all relevant parties is a must. To ensure that all employees are aligned with LifeWIRE Brunei's mission and vision, transparency between the board of directors and all LiveWIRE Brunei executives is paramount.

In LiveWIRE Brunei, this practice has been in place for years and has, consequently, led to the success it has now achieved.