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Institutionalising sustainability

Dignitaries joining in the celebraton at the ACES Awards 2017.

ACES Awards 2017 winners from the Philippines.

ACES Awards 2017 winners from Malaysia.

By Dr Jayanthi Desan
Managing director, Synergio

Sustainability recognises the evolving form and purpose of the company. The corporate institution needs to be seen as being part of the community within which it operates. Through sustainability standards, frameworks and principles, common rules of conduct have become the norm.

The rigours demanded by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), among others, have created cohesion and better assessment of economic, environmental and social data.

Data and disclosure are however by-products and will only be transformative if supported by vision and leadership. In many cases, companies that can scale the sustainability challenges of today will become the game changers in Asia. Increasingly seen as a touchstone for innovation, sustainability can provide competitive advantage in terms of products, technologies and processes - when done right.

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As we move into the age of disruptive sustainability, Asian companies are beginning to value the linkage between geopolitical globalisation, inclusive growth and profitability as being connected to sustainability.