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Panel of ACES judges

Some insights from the jury panel on recipients of the Awards

Hemant K Batra, Chairman - Jury panel of ACES Awards, Founder & chairman - Kaden Boriss, Vice-president - SAARCLAW

Dr Jayanthi Desan, Managing director, Synergio

Andrew Bryant, Global expert on self leadership & leading cultures

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief executive officer, MORS Group

Hemant K Batra
Chairman - Jury panel of ACES Awards
Founder & chairman - Kaden Boriss
Vice-president - SAARCLAW

Good governance is cardinal to any business or entrepreneurship. It is not exercising authority or dominance in a virtuous manner but it is about a unique mix of accountability, innovation and societal obligation.

In times of economic and political uncertainties around the globe, there is a dire need for public-private partnerships. It is now not only desirable but imperative that the new generation entrepreneurs and startup business leaders assume more responsibilities to the deprivations and concerns faced by humanity at large.

It is not the onus of the sovereigns alone.

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The ACES Awards is one such meaningful and effective step towards recognition of the exemplary in the areas of good governance, sustainability for cause and novelty.

The pivotal receivers, nominated after a wide-ranging scrutiny as Asia's finest conscientious trailblazers, are the true lynch-pins of the wheels of our sustenance. Successful ventures are not made by chance but are customised with dedication, determination and diligence, which the ACES winners have in abundance.

Dr Jayanthi Desan
Managing director, Synergio

As companies are increasingly being pushed to link economic, environmental and social impacts, there will be more strategic effort to manage non-financial risks and opportunities. Those companies transforming their core business by being more sustainable will not just have competitive advantage but truly start innovating for the future.

Sustainability therefore provides impetus upon which companies are driving enormous change or what can be seen as ‘disruptive sustainability’.

This year’s Awards in corporate excellence and sustainability highlight some exemplary companies across Asia that are showing how such an integration towards the notion of disruptive sustainability can be achieved.

Winners have displayed leadership and commitment through resource management, environmental and societal stewardship as well as good governance.

Andrew Bryant
Global expert on self leadership & leading cultures

In a rapidly changing world, managers and leaders need to think like entrepreneurs, which is to realise that ultimately the customer pays the bills.

Entrepreneurs understand that it is not ability that creates success, but right action, and right action may not be the first action, but one based on feedback from previous failed actions.

When leaders practise and encourage self-leadership, they can create an entrepreneurial, ‘action-orientated’ culture.

Shanggari Balakrishnan
Chief executive officer, MORS Group

In today’s knowledge economy, people are the key intellectual assets that make things happen; the cost of mismanaging them can be catastrophic.

In my experience of interacting with some of the best leaders, success goes to those enterprises whose leaders mobilise their people and unleash their competence, creativity and commitment. Leading people on the other hand can be hard work. It is full of tensions and trade-offs, celebrations and let downs.

All 41 winners of the Awards this year have demonstrated strong leadership; they are engaged in conversation with others for learning and possibility, they seek to clarify perspectives, and never fail to seek new ways of solving problems.