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A new Landmark for Land Rover's Discovery Sport

Land Rover.


LAND Rover has announced the addition of a new version of its most affordable model, the Discovery Sport.

Called the Landmark Edition (left), it's priced at S$232,999 with Certificate of Entitlement, S$1,000 less than the standard model.

Despite the cheaper price, the Landmark Edition gets a snazzier look, thanks to a contrasting grey roof and trim, a more aggressive front bumper design, and grey 19-inch wheels that are one inch larger than standard.

Other features are identical to the regular Discovery Sport, including the 240hp 2.0-litre engine, panoramic glass roof, automated tailgate, and seating for seven people.

Land Rover says the Landmark Edition is a salute to the success of the Discovery Sport, its fastest-selling model worldwide. It's also the company's best seller in Singapore, constituting over 50 per cent of sales here.

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