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BMW creates 10 cars just for Singapore

Munich Automobiles has launched the Performance Edition of the BMW M4 sports coupe.


REMEMBER that time you showed up at the racetrack driving the exact same car as someone else? Well, maybe not, but BMW's high-performance M division has a way to ensure that you'll never suffer that embarrassment anyway. Munich Automobiles has launched the Performance Edition of the BMW M4 sports coupe. Each piece is finished in a unique colour, and only 10 will be built - so if you want one in Speed Yellow to match your racing helmet, you'll have to strike fast (or change helmets).

This isn't the first limited edition M4. In February, BMW allocated just two units of the race car-inspired M4 GTS to Singapore, out of a production run of 700. They were snapped up before they arrived in spite of - or perhaps because of - their hefty S$688,800 price tag, inclusive of Certificate Of Entitlement (COE).

That car's success paved the way for the M4 Performance Edition.

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"Following the limited production of the BMW M4 GTS, we received requests from customers for a special edition M4," says Christopher Chin, general manager of Munich Automobiles. "In response, we decided to specially produce and offer only 10 units of the M4 Performance Edition."

While far less expensive than the M4 GTS, the M4 Performance Edition does command a S$33,000 premium over a regular M4, at S$433,800 with COE.

The extra money buys added features such as a sports exhaust system, aerodynamic kit and carbon fibre spoiler, plus a specially engraved trim panel with the edition number on the dashboard.

With 451 horsepower (see amendment note), the Performance Edition is slightly speedier than a normal M4. But with so few of them on offer, it's really the car's would-be owners that have to move quickly.

Amendment note: A previous version of this story misstated the horsepower output of the BMW M4 Performance Edition. The article has since been corrected.