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These Porsche wheels are exquisite, but their price is unbelievable

A new wheel from Porsche boasts good looks and better performance - at a price.



IF you've got the cash, Porsche will show you how to flash.

The sportscar specialist has invented a method to build wheels out of carbon fibre - the light, strong material that Formula One racing cars are made of.

The price for a set is a cool S$61,983, a price its customers can presumably afford.

For now, the carbon wheels are available only as an option on the Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive (S$1,098,888 excluding Certificate Of Entitlement).

Porsche said it is the only car company in the world to offer the wheels, which are made by braiding 18km of carbon fibre strands to form the outer rim, joined to a centre that is made of 200 pieces of carbon fibre fabric.

The assembled wheel is impregnated with resin and baked at high temperature to give it strength.

The finished wheel is 20 per cent (8.5kg) lighter but is 20 per cent stronger than a comparable alloy wheel.

Lighter wheels allow a tyre to trail the surface of a road better, for better grip, according to Porsche. The lighter mass also reduces resistance to acceleration and braking.

Given their sleek appearance, it's easy to imagine buyers putting aesthetics over driving pleasure when opting for the carbon wheels. And with such a price tag, this gives a new meaning to the term "wheel of fortune".