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Two BMWs for two lucky buyers in Singapore



THREE years after its launch, the BMW i8 still looks like a car from the future, but two special edition models have rolled into town to remind potential collectors of its existence.

The Protonic Frozen Yellow Edition and Protonic Frozen Black Edition of the i8 come with special cosmetic features, to make them stand out from ordinary versions of the petrol-electric sports coupe.

Their paint is designed to look as if the cars have been encased in ice, hence the "frozen" term.

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Both cars have special interiors, with seats that have yellow and anthracite stitching and headrests embossed with "BMW i8". They have grey seatbelts, floor mats with black leather piping and yellow highlights, and the gearshift and infotainment controller are trimmed in black ceramic material.

Climbing aboard should feel special, too; the pair's sills have aluminium plates with a "Protonic Edition" logo.

Mechanically, the Protonic cars are identical to standard i8s, which means they have a 1.5-litre petrol engine for the rear wheels and a 96-kilowatt motor for the front.

As an electric vehicle the i8 can cover 37km without tailpipe emissions, while with both systems powering the car it can hit 100km/h in just 4.4 seconds.

Each one costs S$603,800 including Certificate Of Entitlement, or S$20,000 more than a standard i8, but the money does buy exclusivity: only one of each Protonic Edition will be offered for sale in Singapore. These are two cars that give drivers the rare chance to mix eco with ego.