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The Business Excellence framework

THERE are four standards and certification programmes based on the BE framework: (i) An overall BE standard leading to the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certification; and (ii) Three BE niche standards for people, innovation and service leading to the People Developer, Singapore Innovation Class and Singapore Service Class certifications, respectively.

All four standards are based on the same seven dimensions of excellence, namely, Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Processes, Customers and Results. Each of these standards focuses on management capabilities required for a key enabler of BE: people, innovation or service.

Based on their needs and strategy, organisations can use any of these BE standards to enhance their capabilities. To be certified, the applicant organisation must achieve a minimum of 400 points out of the maximum of 1,000 points.


Singapore Quality Class (SQC) is the certification for the overall excellence standard and provides organisations with a holistic model for managing business excellence. There are 213 SQC-certified organisations as at October 2016.

Singapore Quality Class Star (SQC Star) recognises organisations that have attained greater heights of excellence on the BE journey. In order to attain the SQC Star, organisations must attain at least 550 points in the renewal process. There are 124 SQC Star certified organisations as at October 2016.


People Developer (PD) is the certification for the niche standard that provides organisations with a total approach towards people management and achievement of high performance through systems and processes. There are 135 People Developer certified organisations as at October 2016.


Singapore Innovation Class (I-Class) offers certification for business excellence in innovation. This niche standard enables organisations to develop their innovation management capabilities. There are 107 I-Class certified organisations as at October 2016.


Singapore Service Class (S-Class) certification focuses on helping organisations develop their capabilities in enhancing service leadership, service agility, customer delight and customer experience. There are 250 S-Class certified organisations as at October 2016.