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The perks for being excellent

Organisations that have adopted the Business Excellence framework talk about how the move has benefited their organisation.

Susan Cheong, managing director and head of POSB

Kelvyn Chee, managing director, Decks

Christina Kong, executive director, Jumbo Group

Andy Koh, managing director, Deskright

Lim Hock Chee, CEO, Sheng Siong

Lee Suen Ming, CEO, Gleneagles

Desmond Ong, CEO, Galmon

Thomas Chua, chairman and managing director, Teckwah Logistics

DBS (Singapore Quality Award 2016, Singapore Quality Class, People Developer, and Singapore Innovation Class)

"One of the major benefits of being part of the BE journey is the cross-industry interaction that the BE initiative supports. With the initiative being industry neutral, experts from varying backgrounds and industries are invited to assess organisations. This allows fresh insights and perspectives to be uncovered, and may not have been possible if we only looked internally within our own industry."
- Susan Cheong, managing director and head of POSB

Decks (Singapore Quality Class)

"As we explore expansion into regional markets, it is important for us to understand and take stock of our current strategies. Undergoing the BE process led us to identify and set up a dashboard of KPIs to track performance across the entire organisation. This allowed us to make sharper business decisions and help our employees better understand how their work impacts and contributes to the organisation's growth."
- Kelvyn Chee, managing director

Market voices on:

Jumbo Group (People Excellence Award 2015)

"BE helped Jumbo to identify gaps for improvement and provided a roadmap for us to fine-tune our human resource initiatives so that we could grow further as a people-centric organisation and achieve greater excellence."
- Christina Kong, executive director

Deskright (Singapore Service Class)

"The framework serves as a reference point for companies to keep track of their management processes, and it is a good guide that can be applied for operations in other overseas markets."
- Andy Koh, managing director

Sheng Siong (Innovation Excellence Award 2015 and Singapore Quality Class)

"The Business Excellence framework has helped us to identify our strengths in innovation . . . Projects like Pick-to-Light and Hybrid Self-Checkout systems, implemented with support from SPRING Singapore, have improved process efficiency and given us a precise grasp on our data – preventing losses arising from inventory and financial shortfall."
- Lim Hock Chee, CEO

Gleneagles (Singapore Quality Class and Singapore Service Class)

"The Business Excellence (BE) framework provides a holistic approach for sustaining and improving our organisation in areas such as leadership, strategy and people. The trained BE assessors shared perspectives with us from various industries. This gave us an understanding of where we stand in relation to local and global organisations."
- Lee Suen Ming, CEO

Galmon (Singapore Quality Class)

"Today, as traditional business models are constantly being disrupted by technological trends, SPRING's internationally benchmarked Business Excellence framework has led us to create a more rigorous management system, with an emphasis on nurturing the right skills and mindsets."
- Desmond Ong, CEO

Teckwah Logistics (Singapore Quality Award with Special Commendation 2011)

By embarking on the BE journey, Teckwah is able to strengthen their business fundamentals, which serve as a cushion against the downturn. Good practices drawn from the framework in areas such as planning and training helped the firm to be more resilient.
- Thomas Chua, chairman and managing director