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Changing the mindset

Prominent figures from across the built environment sector share their thoughts about the need to boost productivity among industry players

'Some of the key factors driving businesses to adopt game-changing construction technologies include faster construction, reduced reliance on foreign labour and enhanced business competitiveness.' - John Keung

'Partnering with firms that have experience in (new methods of construction) would be of great benefit to the Singapore companies looking to integrate these technologies into their processes.' - Amy Marks

'Firms need to be able to find and obtain the financial resources to allow them to invest in such changes, on top of those required for their daily operations.' - Pek Lian Guan

'While the investment cost in such technologies may be higher currently, with increased adoption, the industry as a whole will enjoy improved economies of scale.' - Kwek Leng Joo

Roundtable participants:

  • John Keung, CEO, Building Construction Authority;
  • Amy Marks, President and Owner, XSite Modular;
  • Pek Lian Guan, CEO, Tiong Seng Holdings;
  • Kwek Leng Joo, Deputy Chairman, City

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