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We ask our first-time winners: 'What does your company hope to achieve in the coming year after winning the E50 Award?' Below are their responses

Patrick Koh, Managing Director

Muralikrishnan Rangan, CEO

Lau Shih Hor, CEO

Danny Lien, Managing Director

Abdul Aziz, CEO

Kwa Kim Chiong, CEO

QXY Resources Pte Ltd
Patrick Koh, Managing Director

QXY Resources has been known to be a trusted provider of construction and interior fit-out services, as well as an early adopter of innovative and productive construction methods.

Going forward, apart from continuing our core strength in addition & alteration, interior fit-out and new construction, we plan to further develop our competitive edge by positioning ourselves as a specialist and an ambassador for innovative and environmentally sustainable construction-related products in the region.

The extension of our capabilities from services to products will be driven by the formation of strategic partnerships with established players to tap on the increasing demand for productive and sustainable products in the region.

Framework Building Products Pte Ltd
Chew Chong King, Managing Director

IT'S nice to win the E50 Award coincidentally on our 25th anniversary. It shows that our business model has worked pretty well so far. However, going through the E50 application process, we were forced to really evaluate what's good and what's missing at Framework. We will take action to close these gaps, making use of the prestige associated with being an E50 company. For example, we will work with Spring to do business strategic innovation and branding. We will increase collaboration with industry partners. These efforts will set us on the path towards business excellence and help us to be future-ready.

Shun Zhou Hardware Pte Ltd
Albert Oon, Group Managing Director

SHUN Zhou Group has attained yet another significant achievement in winning the prestigious E50 Award. Winning this award is not only a form of affirmation of Shun Zhou's past efforts but also a recognition of the pillars of the organisation, which are our staff and the values of putting our business partners' interests above ours that we have upheld and inculcated over the past 28 years.

From a small rented shop with two tables we now operate across South-east Asia and other regions. We will continue to work collaboratively with integrity and competence. Shun Zhou would like to dedicate this award to our staff and business partners for their unwavering love and support, without which we would not be who we are today.

Acromec Engineers Pte Ltd
Lim Say Chin, Managing Director

GARNERING the prestigious E50 award signifies Acromec's success in transforming ourselves into a leading and established home-grown controlled environment specialist engineering company.

The E50 Award is a significant milestone for us as it also coincides with our 20-year anniversary and it has also boosted our confidence to embark on a listing on the Singapore Exchange.

We are looking forward to our next phase of growth. We are ready to take on larger scale projects and capitalise on the many opportunities presented in the sectors that we serve, particularly in the healthcare, biomedical, research and academia sectors. With the E50 platform, we plan to expand our presence overseas, particularly in Asean, which looks to Singapore as a knowledge hub. We will continue to plan ahead and pre-empt future growth sectors. Focusing on innovation, developing our people and keeping abreast of and leveraging technology will be the keys to our success in achieving sustainable growth in the future.

Print Lab Pte Ltd
Muralikrishnan Rangan, CEO

STARTED off as a two-man team occupying less than 300 sq ft of space, Print Lab now employs more than 120 staff and occupies an office space of about 35,000 sq ft. After our historic merger, we are now Singapore's first and largest print agency. We are very proud to have won E50, which is a marker of our innovation and enterprise, which has allowed us to grow Print Lab to what it is today. 2015/2016 has been a challenging economic landscape in Singapore. Where companies are maintaining/ declining in growth compared to 2014/2015, Print Lab has achieved record growth/revenue in 2015/2016.

All of this supercharged growth has been achieved by mainly servicing the local market. This is just the tip of the iceberg - we have started regional expansion in 2016 and we have a game changer on our hands which will revolutionise the print industry and exponentially rev up our growth in 2017 & beyond.

Mao Sheng Quanji Construction Pte Ltd
Choo Kim Chuan, Managing Director

WE are very honoured to be the first landscape company to garner the E50 Award. This award is an important milestone for our company: it recognises the hard work and achievements of our employees, enhances our credibility with our partners and clients and further motivates our team to improve our business processes to give better service delivery.

We hope that with a better profiling of our company we are able to encourage more people, especially the younger generation, to join the landscape industry. This award gives us more opportunities to inspire young people to regard the work we do as meaningful and rewarding.

Louken Group Pte Ltd
Luke Lim, Group CEO

DEVELOPING brand growth in the digital economy is the core purpose of our business. Winning the E50 Award is testimony to our passion in growing our clients' brands over the last 16 years.

We plan to leverage the brand recognition achieved from winning the E50 Award to deepen our focus on continual innovation and digital transformation. This strategy has helped us grow the business by allowing us to service many MNCs, as well as regional and local industry leaders in their holistic brand growth in an increasingly digital economy.

As digital technologies pervade almost all aspects of business, including communications, we seek to continue to invest, incubate and deepen our digital related service to help our clients stay relevant in a fast-changing environment, developing brand growth in the digital economy via our focus on consultancy, training, brand activation and digital technology deployment.

We are very encouraged by winning the E50 Award, as it serves as a barometer of how we are performing across different industries due to its stringent qualitative and quantitative assessment processes.

We are determined to pursue our ambition to be a leading local and regional brand growth and communication firm, while flying the Singapore flag high.

Prime Structures Engineering Pte Ltd
Sonny Bensily, Managing Director

GOING for the E50 award was a process of benchmarking to understand how we fare against the other SMEs in Singapore. Winning the E50 Award is an affirmation that we are on the right track with what we are doing and what we plan to do.

We hope that the award will add value to our company as a strong Singapore brand as we continue our foray into overseas markets which will be a major contributor to our overall revenue.

Network Express Courier Services Pte Ltd
Suriyakumar S/O Vaithilingam, Managing Director

NETWORK Courier has always prided itself as an established local successful courier company with well defined goals and objectives.

In order for continued sustainability and success, we believe that we need to keep growing and tap potential markets in the international front. As we look to expand our business in the region, the acclaimed E50 award further strengthens our brand identity and high service aptitude through its endorsement of our standards of excellence. The award also motivates us to achieve our aspirations to make Network Courier a leading courier service provider with a global network.

SuperSteam Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Dylan Ng, CEO & Co-founder

IN 2017 next year, despite the difficult economy and intense competition, Team SuperSteam will continue to grow - growth not only in sales but also as a team, becoming the best that we can be. In 2016, we started our transformation project and this will continue to be our big focus next year. We believe that with the right mindset, every industry has opportunities and much potential. And Team SuperSteam still has plenty of growth ahead of it in Singapore and the region.

Elixir Technology Pte Ltd
Lau Shih Hor, CEO

ELIXIR hopes to bring about improvements to the lives of people in Singapore by fostering smarter solutions in government, transportation, healthcare, and leisure areas. To achieve this, Elixir will work closely with strategic partners, aligning and collaborating with various government authorities.

Internationally, Elixir hopes to make Singapore proud by sharing our Smart Nation solutions with countries and cities which share the same aspirations in bringing about positive changes and improvements to the lives of the people. We will continue to invest in smart technologies including Data Analytics, Internet-of-Things, and Autonomous Systems, to unlock the potential benefits that are virtually limitless.

Amos International (S) Pte Ltd
Danny Lien, Managing Director

AMOS International is honoured to be selected as one of the winners in the 2016 edition of the E50 Awards, one of the most prestigious and well-recognised awards for Singapore SMEs. This achievement is an endorsement of our continuous effort in developing AMOS International into a world class organisation.

The E50 Award will give AMOS International a solid corporate profile as we expand our Asian and global footprint. AMOS International's journey of holistic business excellence will take on a new role and dimension as we strive to be the industry's innovative thought leader. AMOS International would also leverage the E50 platform to continuously improve and learn from the dynamic organisations of E50.

AMOS International looks forward to joining the elite E50 community.

A-Power Engineering Pte Ltd
Chua Seng Cheong, Managing Director

IT is a great honour to receive the prestigious Enterprise 50 Award 2016. This is a milestone for A-Power Engineering. Winning this highly recognised award will help to motivate and boost the confidence of the team and our business partners.

We will continue to invest in the development of our talents, automation and productivity as we expand our business into new areas, namely infrastructure work for data centres, and overseas regions, particularly Myanmar and China.

This will enable us to provide a wide range of value-added M&E services. Last but not least, we strive to be one of the market leaders in this industry.

Amerald Land Pte Ltd
Oh Beng Hwa, Managing Director

IT'S a great honour and huge encouragement for the company to win the E50. Moving forward, with the formulation of our long term vision "Tomorrow Future 2020", we are working to create greater values by implementing three strategies: customer-focus management, investment model innovation and internal quality improvement of our group management. In Singapore, we continue to innovate our investment model to the ever changing customer needs and property trends by providing not only new builds, but also shifting towards the area of core and value add investments.

For overseas, Amerald Land will capitalise its capability as a comprehensive developer with the support of the local service providers who know the markets in their respective countries to build a highly stable portfolio with steady growth potential.

Allinton Engineering
Albert Chin Tyng Lei, Managing Director

WINNING the E50 is an endorsement of our achievements in comparison to other top-notched SMEs in Singapore. Moving forward, we hope to be the role model for the SME industries to show case how SMEs can grow, consolidate and become remarkable with our second generation of leaders.

Over the years, through various transformations to our business model we have ensured business sustainability, which enabled the company to enjoy its present success. In the coming years, we will continue to enhance value added activities and expand on our OEM product development both locally and internationally.

With technology becoming more pervasive both as an operations enabler and as a critical market development, we will also be deploying resources to effectively use technology for business innovation and transformation.

Cleaning Express Pte Ltd
Abdul Aziz, CEO

AS companies today continue to make changes to the way they operate to maintain their competitive edge, and rise to the challenges in the economy and market, ironically the cleaning industry's role in the upkeep of glamour has not rubbed off on the industry itself. Recognising these factors, and to stay ahead of competitors and meet the needs of our clients, Cleaning Express has begun deploying innovative methods in our operations, from using machine automation to upgrading the skill sets of our employees through various training programmes on both hard and soft skills. Motivating our staff and their morale as cleaning professionals is also central in our plan to retain and ensure the best service for our clients.

Therefore, Cleaning Express is happy to receive this award. It gives us great confidence to bring our company to the next level, in line with the government's initiative towards a Smart Nation. We have a social role to play in this industry, and the ability to help shape and uplift the standards of this industry to be on par with global cleaning companies. Our social motivation in creating a professional and forward thinking environment in our company and industry is to attract and compete effectively for young talents and carve career paths for them. We aim to be the best class service provider in our field, as we aspire to bring positive changes to the industry through continued innovation and automation. By doing so we can hopefully shift the mindsets of workers of tomorrow in the cleaning industry.

Double-Trans Pte Ltd
Charlie Tan, Managing Director

DOUBLE -TRANS continues to be motivated and driven to bring sustainable development to humanity through building better road networks, and achieving this via implementing more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient processes in road construction. We are honoured to be recognised by the E50 Award committee for our efforts and belief.

Looking ahead, we shall continue to improve company productivity and quality service delivery through exploring and adopting new technologies. Our recent operational consolidation in a new factory will further enhance this. We will strengthen staff competencies through skills upgrading. Double-Trans is also looking to expand our overseas business networks for new project opportunities.

Ascenz Solutions Pte Ltd
Chia Yoong Hui
Founder, Chairman & CEO

OUR desire is to grow our Shipulse brand as a global leader in operational risk intelligence for the maritime industry. Ascenz will continue to develop new products to cater for the increased demand for the digitalisation of ships in the coming years.

Over the past eight years, we have established a strong business in Asia with offices in seven countries. This year marks our expansion outside Asia with our goal of expanding to Europe with three new offices to better serve our customers there.

Weishen Industrial Services Pte Ltd
Gary Woo, CEO

THE E50 Award is a prestigious award and its exacting standards serve as a benchmark for our company's performance in the local business community. As a first-time winner, we are both proud and honoured to be recognised for our relentless pursuit of excellence. This award is a testament to our company's success and achievements for the past year. Moving forward, we will continue to be a leading service provider through increased productivity, technological innovation and new market penetration.

Forrest Li
Founder, Chairman & Group CEO

AT Garena, our mission has always been about building an Internet platform company that better connects people across Greater South-east Asia. Much of our success is reliant on the participation of small and medium-sized businesses in our services such as AirPay and Shopee - evidence of how vital SMEs are to financial development in the region. As our company matures, we hope to continually find ways of bringing about greater financial inclusion and empowering entrepreneurs to tap into a wider pool of consumers, and helping to accelerate the region's burgeoning digital economy.

Y.E.S F&B Group Pte Ltd
Samuel Yik, Managing Director

AFTER winning the E50 Award, the company is looking at furthering its expansion plans. Dian Xiao Er will be venturing overseas for greater growth and bringing the homegrown brand overseas.

Opening its flagship outlet in Shanghai, China, Dian Xiao Er aims to take this as a first step in bringing the local brand on an international platform, bringing a taste of Singapore to the global market.

Formwork Hire
Albert Chin Tyng Lei, Managing Director

WE are honoured to win the E50 Award. Having benchmarked ourselves against the rigorous criteria set by the E50 committee, we are well positioned to thrive in today's challenging economic conditions and in years ahead.

We will be focusing on product innovation in collaboration with local partners and institutes such as A*Star and NTU to enhance our R&D capabilities to increase work efficiency and productivity of workers. We aim to provide customers a total formwork solution based on speed, simplicity, safety and cost effectiveness.

We are also looking to expand our overseas presence by setting up partnership offices in Indonesia and venturing into new regions such as the Philippines. Potentially we are looking to tap into grants by IE for internationalisation.

We have also been through a corporate restructuring and will continue to adjust our operational procedures to meet the changing environment. Our restructuring process includes enhancing our management ideals and governance, market branding and training and talent development.

Kwa Kim Chiong, CEO

WINNING the E50 Award is a huge testament to our vision of building a world class HR software company in Singapore.

We have very ambitious plans for 2017. We'll be embarking on our regional expansion with new offices and headcount planned for Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong. Our customers can look forward to a new user interface and a slew of exciting new features both on our mobile and cloud platforms.

We also have plans to localise our products further for the regional markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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