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One Works brings infrastructure design expertise to Singapore and the Asia-Pacific

One Works' headquarters in Milan, Italy. The firm is one of the biggest architectural studios in Italy, and believes in creating dynamic and intuitive places where people and communities can connect with their environment - and with one another.

ONE of the biggest architectural studios in Italy, One Works, is bringing its expertise in the complexities of integrated transport infrastructure to Singapore and the wider Asia-Pacific region. The leading Italian design and consultancy firm has big plans for the region in its third phase of major expansion and globalisation.

One Works is a global design and consultancy firm, offering an integrated approach to architecture, infrastructure and urban engineering. It believes in creating dynamic and intuitive places where people and communities can connect with their environment, and with one another.

The design practice, primarily based in Italy, is guided by four key principles: Collaboration, Commitment, Innovation and Value.

From this starting point, One Works has successfully built an international reputation for the quality of its designs, the attention to detail and the strength of its delivery.

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The company has ambitious plans to bring its infrastructure design and engineering expertise to the Asia-Pacific region as it sees it as a new region of strong economic growth. Like the Middle East previously, the Asia-Pacific region has now become synonymous with great positive growth and economic value.

The 2016 Architectural Services Market Research Report has placed the region's architectural services valued at US$122.31 billion; and, with the relatively lower prevailing operating costs presenting more investment opportunities, it would appear now is a better time than ever to expand the business's geographical footprint.

With 60 per cent of the global urban population living in the Asia-Pacific, huge development projects in the region's urban landscapes would be necessary to support these people. The region's countries are embarking on extensive new infrastructure to support the unprecedented scale of urban development and the creation of state-of-the-art places for people to work, live and play in.

Asia is forecast to expand at an economic growth rate of over 5.5 per cent between 2018 and 2019, making it the most dynamic of all the regions of the world.

With clear and successful showcases in the Middle East, One Works says now is the time to explore similar business frameworks within the Asia-Pacific region. The firm has an excellent track record of high quality design and construction of dynamic built spaces. Together with its commitment to investing in technology, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), and strong relationships with the local market, One Works is certain that it will thrive in such a rapidly evolving region.

"Given One Works' commitment to grow as a global design and consultancy firm, there could be no better time to bring our expertise in integrated air and rail transportation and the urban development associated with improved transport hubs to the Asia-Pacific region and begin building new relationships," says Giulio De Carli, founder & managing partner, One Works.

"In addition to our experience in Europe, we have also been working on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the Middle East. I am truly proud to lead such a strong and ambitious company and leverage our experiences to help this exciting region expand."

Over the last few years, Italy's largest design and consultancy firm, One Works, has been working on a wide variety of transport hubs and international airports, most recently the Venice International Airport. Commissioned with extending and refurbishing parts of Venice Marco Polo International, the firm ran a successful four-year project from 2013 to 2017 and continues to support the development of the programme well into 2022.

Building on this success, One Works ventured into the Middle East which has seen vastly accelerated growths in recent years, with cities such as Dubai developing rapidly into architectural hotspots. In Riyadh, the firm is succeeding in laying the groundwork and delivering two flagship stations for the esteemed Riyadh Public Transport Project, a US$22.5 billion project enabling the six million daily commuters in the Saudi capital to commute more comfortably and efficiently.

Aimed at revamping various points across the city's metro system, the project brings together the best minds from 20 different corporations based across 11 different countries.

In addition to this project, One Works has supported a number of stations across the Doha Metro, performing design components for Qatar's Doha Metro Red Line North Underground project. The project is part of a number of efforts being made by the country to manage the rapid growth it has experienced in recent years.

In the next phase of its major expansion and globalisation, One Works, now sees the Asia-Pacific region as a vast potential market which can benefit from its proven infrastructure design and engineering expertise.