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Silver threads among the gold

INSIGHTS from a report commissioned by Credit Suisse, titled Silver threads amongst the gold: Philanthropy and ageing in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, revealed five key messages for philanthropists interested to take action in this sector:

1. Ageing is not always the most attractive topic, but it is a strategic choice for donors who want to make a significant impact in a highly relevant area.

2. There are particular opportunities in Indonesia and Malaysia for those who take a venture philanthropy approach - providing long-term investment and softer support to nurture promising non-profits and new initiatives.

3. In Singapore, government covers many of the most basic needs in this sector - meaning philanthropic donations can stretch a long way, especially when donors take a bolder approach.

Market voices on:

4. Small is beautiful, but we need to think big: for example, one of the most pressing issues in all three countries is long-term care. Here donors can make a discrete impact by funding individual nursing homes, but their money may reach further by investing in more scalable solutions such as community-based care.

5. For the real change-makers, philanthropy is a personal quest: "Philanthropists need to know the issues but also need to see for themselves."