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Celebrating real estate


"Growth and early success are good but one should remember never to be overconfident as an individual or a company. Don't be too brazen - because don’t forget, no company can be successful all the time." - Kwek Leng Beng, executive chairman, Hong Leong Group

"Far East Organization continues to contribute to the transformation of Singapore's urban landscape, having built over 760 developments in the residential, hospitality, retail, commercial, healthcare and industrial space segments, including 49,000 or one in six private homes in the country." - Augustine Tan, executive director, property sales and corporate affairs, Far East Organization

“Wing Tai began in garment manufacturing before entering the property and later retail businesses. Our pioneering role in Singapore"s economic development as a garment manufacturer enabled us to grow in tandem with the country during the early years post-Independence. We were one of the largest employers, took in unskilled labour and trained them, introduced new production technologies and innovations to create value." - Edmund Cheng, deputy chairman, Wing Tai Holdings

IN THIS Golden Jubilee year of Singapore's independence, one of the most visible markers of the nation's progress is the transformation of its property landscape. This is a good occasion to celebrate the many achievements of Singapore real estate. Over the past five decades, scores of iconic developments have been built - ranging from landmark CBD office towers to swanky condos all across the island designed by star architects.

Smart technology and green building solutions are being warmly embraced by developers, architects and all involved in the real estate chain - in the pursuit of sustainable development. In this edition of The Business Times Property Supplement, we take you on a historical tour of Singapore's property icons over the decades.

Other must-reads include articles that examine the merits of investing in the luxury condo market and the pros and cons of purchasing a completed condo unit versus buying off-plan. We also have a feature that uses hard numbers to demystify some trends in the private residential leasing market.

Our spread also includes articles that highlight a wild card in the industrial property market, the bright spots in the retail segment and the opportunities available to office tenants.

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Read about local property groups that are making great strides overseas and see what the senior executives of some established Singapore property groups have to say about their business, the challenges they have faced over the years, and the lessons learnt.

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