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SMEs need strong cyber security for e-commerce success

They can start by getting a third party security assessment of their cyber posture rating to identify obvious security gaps.

Mr Boland: Hacktivism remains a serious threat to many businesses, even if they themselves are not the ultimate target.

Mr Woo: SMEs have to start adopting a 'security-first' mindset in their operations.

Mr Miri: There is a varying degree of maturity in the strength of Internet security within countries in the region.

Mr Varkey: Certifications are a good form to exhibit security considerations to stakeholders and improve confidence.

EXPERTS warn that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly becoming soft targets for cyber criminals. Among other things, cyber criminals are increasing hacking into smaller businesses as a way of getting access to larger companies to which SMEs are suppliers.

SMEs are...

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