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Engaging shareholders

Smaller companies can do better at interacting with shareholders and showing that they are respected, says SIAS founder David Gerald.

'Some of these small and mid-caps are still not very keen to engage. They say to the crowd . . . this is my annual report, it's all in there, I've already said it. So if you ask me questions, I'll just repeat what is in there. The mindset needs to change. They may need to send some of their own people to the blue-chip AGMs to see how it is done. Those have an investor presentation, a question and answer session, which is very well taken with more attention paid.' - Mr Gerald

MANY of Singapore's largest listed firms compete for investors in global markets, and are thus constantly improving their corporate governance standards.

But smaller companies can do more in one respect - engaging shareholders and communicating with them, said David Gerald, founder and...

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