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Building a staff force for a digital future

DBS wins the Special Recognition Award this year for its excellence in human capital management.

Ms Lee Yan Hong says: "We want to build a culture that is customer driven, data obsessed, open to experimentation, and one that embraces an agile way of working. . . "

DBS Bank wants to become a learning organisation, where employees are constantly seeking to reinvent themselves. Lee Yan Hong, group head of human resources at DBS, says: "We also want to build a culture that is customer driven, data obsessed, open to experimentation, and one that embraces an agile way of working . . . We aim to create diverse work opportunities to attract and retain the best talent."

The bank, which won the Singapore Corporate Awards' Special Recognition Award again this year, this time for its all-round excellence in human capital, says that its key focus is to future-proof its people and equip them with the necessary skills and abilities as the financial services sector evolves.

This way, the bank can stay ahead of the curve and create better business and financial outcomes for its customers, she says.

This year, the SCA is recognising DBS for its commitment to innovation and excellence in advancing its people agenda to meet the challenges of a digital future.

DBS attained a maximum score of 4.0 on the national Human Capital Diagnostic Tool, which measures process maturity across 33 dimensions.

In addition, it has also achieved high mention or top scores in categories such as leadership involvement and support of human capital, people strategy and culture, talent sustainability, employee centricity, diversity and inclusivity, and digital readiness and innovation, which are critical to the future of human resource.

In its citation, SCA says: "DBS' leadership commitment and influence in shaping change is pervasive; the imprint of the leader is clearly felt and an inspiration to employees, with strong display of alignment across the various leadership levels as well.

"Its culture-enhancing initiatives are well deployed through structured cascading and deep employee engagement. DBS continues to modernise its work practices with the use of cross-functional teams and agile problem-solving and collaborative approaches. It has a holistic embrace of what it means to be digital, which includes extensive investments in creating a workforce that is receptive and able to harness technology in everyday uses."

It adds that DBS has a "grow our own timber" approach to talent development and succession that is central to its success in the talent arena.

"It has highly integrated people policies and employee mobility programmes that provide long-term career and personal growth bar none," SCA says.