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All fired up to be the best

The award will boost his team's confidence and further enhance their competitive spirit, said Mr Goh.

WITHIN a span of 10 years, Vanguard Fire Systems Pte Ltd has become one of the leading suppliers in the fire alarm, emergency and security industry, holding an estimated 30-40 per cent of the market share.

According to managing director David Goh, he established Vanguard back in 2005 with a vision to offer the best in specialised products and services for fire safety, security and emergency preparedness in buildings.

Today, Vanguard is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company for design, manufacture and supply of fire alarm control panels, systems and associated accessories; one-way emergency voice communication systems /public address systems; and two-way emergency voice communication systems / firemen intercom systems, security systems - access control, CCTV etc.

Said Mr Goh: "Vanguard couldn't have achieved so much if not for the continual efforts of a disciplined and highly committed team. Thanks to a stringent selection process, we are able to hire staff who possess vast knowledge and experience in the fire, emergency voice systems and security field.

"Also, with our active participation in statutory bodies, institutions and associations for fire safety and security, we are able to access information first-hand regarding new standards and initiatives implemented by the government. This then allows us to align our future business direction and development with government initiatives, giving us substantial time and cost advantages in the products and services we provide."

Being a manufacturer of its own control panels and distributing a comprehensive range of products, Vanguard has become the only one-stop product and service provider for fire alarm and emergency voice communication system in Singapore with manufacturing capability.

With such progress over the years, the company was chosen as one of the prestige winners of the SME100 Awards 2016.

"The award gave me and my team a validation of why we've been working so hard for the past 11 years. It will boost my team's confidence and further enhance their competitive spirit," said Mr Goh, adding that the award will elevate the company's profile and position in the fire, emergency and security industry and further gain approval for their products and services from customers.

"As the SME100 Awards will be published in regional magazines, we hope it will open doors to related industries and reduce the barriers of our future business ventures."

Mr Goh said that even though they enjoy a certain amount of success now, they do not get complacent. "We maintain our market position in the industry by continually investing in our market and product development and differentiation, ensuring that we stay among the first to introduce new products and services into the market.

"Being in a specialised and small industry, the success of our business is rooted very much in my passion and the management team's continued interest in this business. The long-term challenge for Vanguard would be finding a successor and a new team that shares the same passion, with the same or better business acumen to continue building our reputation and recognition in the industry," he explained.

The next step for Vanguard, according to Mr Goh, is to continue to hire quality staff, provide its senior staff with training and mentorship, develop high-end technology products and expand its service line.

"Eventually, our goal is to expand our business to include the entire South-east Asia region, by using Vanguard's unique quality of turning adversity into advantage, and holding on to these new advantages to aid in our business growth."