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Help for the chronically sick

According to Mr Ong, Sozoluz Clinique uses non-invasive devices for chronic illnesses.

SOZOLUZ Clinique is a fairly young business but it has succeeded in growing steadily by being "uniquely different".

According to chief executive officer/director Philip Ong, Sozoluz Clinique is a totally new clinic concept and the only non-invasive medical clinic in Asia, maybe even globally.

He explained: "The meaning of Sozoluz - Sozo in Greek is 'to save' and 'luz' in Spanish is 'light', therefore 'The Saving Light Clinique'. We believe that when one suffers a chronic ailment, one faces darkness and hopelessness but there is hope at Sozoluz Clinique."

Sozoluz Clinique started with the concept of utilising technologies in medical devices and medical professionals for the ultimate results for patients. "We started with one technology - WMCS - Wireless Micro Current Stimulation for Chronic Wounds and Burns and achieved amazing results for our patients," explained Mr Ong.

"The main factor that has contributed to our growth is the uniqueness of what we do. We use non-invasive devices for chronic illnesses - diabetes-related wounds, acute wounds related to ageing, pain management, heart assessments and other leading edge solutions," he stressed.

Such achievements did not go unnoticed. Last year, in its first year of operations, Sozoluz Clinique won the AEBA (Asia Enterprise Brand Award) and One Asia SME Award.

This year, accolades continue to pour in as the company is named one of the prestige winners of SME100 Singapore Awards 2016. It will also receive the Socrates Award from World Business Assembly that will take place in Dubai in November.

Mr Ong said the company is very honoured to receive the SME100 Awards this year. "Every award adds value to our brand and to what Sozoluz strives to deliver in the health sector across Asia. Being nominated for the SME100 Awards creates a lot of brand value in the eyes of the general public and medical fraternity.

"Internally, Sozoluz winning an SME100 Award builds pride among staff and stakeholders, spurring them to new service standards and the spirit to strive to build Sozoluz into a key regional player in the electroceutical health sector."

Going forward, Mr Ong revealed that Sozoluz Clinique has four major expansion initiatives. Accessibility of Sozoluz Clinique to patients is driven by increasing the number of clinics in existing markets. This will drive revenues, achieve economies of scale and increase brand recognition. Geographic expansion into new markets is a carefully planned strategy which will make Sozoluz a pan Asia brand within three years.

Mr Ong added that device diversification is also a key growth area for Sozoluz with more devices treating different medical issues being added to the portfolio of treatments available to patients.

"For example, Sozoluz is currently researching devices which address some types of cancer treatment."

Some stand-out leading edge medical technologies will be developed into standalone treatment solutions with delivery being achieved by being imbedded in general practitioners' and specialists' consulting practices, or hospitals.

"As an example of the latter, we have a device call NICaS - Non Invasive Cardiac System. NICaS is a fast, easy, accurate and non-invasive approach to provide, for example, the medical practitioner with a cardiac function profile of the patient including Stroke Index, Cardiac Index, Cardiac Output, Total Body Water, and Total Peripheral Resistance," he elaborated.

Access to heart diagnostics has been identified by WHO as a critical medical issue in Asia and NICaS addresses this with a non-invasive approach.

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