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Automating print to stay ahead

Mr Ang: "We want to be bold to set trends, especially in the area of automation, to be always ahead of competitors."

AWARD-winner Starlite Printers (Far East) Private Limited's general manager Randy Ang says he feels very honoured to receive this award and that getting the award has given his team great encouragement, after all their hard work and dedication. "Winning the award will spur Starlite to continue to be proactive in providing innovative packaging solutions to all our esteemed customers," he adds.

Starlite Printers is an offset printing and packaging company. Its focus is on innovation and adapting to changes in a fast-moving and competitive environment.

Going forward, the company wants to "be bold to set trends especially in the area of automation so that we are always ahead of our competitors," says Mr Ang.

The company's annual sales turnover for the 2016 financial year was S$27 million. It has an operational staff of 230. Starlite Printers Far East (SPFE) says that it has always been proactive in providing innovative solutions to customers. It has been an early adopter of technology, being one of the first few manufacturers in Singapore, to adopt a glue jet system on the folding and gluing machine. This allowed it to produce folding boxes with complex structures such as boxes with internal partitions in the early 1990s.

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Similarly, it was also an early adopter of inline barcode scanning and inline glue detecting. Adoption of these technologies not only allowed the company to improve productivity and the quality of its products, but also strengthened customers' confidence in them.

Starlite says it believes in providing its customers with a comprehensive experience and introduced the packaging structure design service in the year 2000. Since then, it has never looked back and its efforts in packaging structure design have been affirmed by the many World Star, Asia Star and Singapore Packaging Star Awards it has won.

The World Star competition is organised by the World Packaging Organisation which is a non-profit, non-governmental, international federation of national packaging institutes and associations, regional packaging federations and other interested parties including corporations and trade associations. The World Star is the pinnacle of recognition in excellence in packaging.

The company says, in appreciation of the support of its customers, it sends them its well wishes with greeting boxes instead greeting cards. "We always feel gratified by the responses of our customers upon receiving the greeting boxes, in fact, we were touched when we saw some customers decorating their work area with our greeting boxes."

In 2015, it participated in a collaborative industry project initiated by the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), to embrace and incorporate the technology of printed electronics into packaging designs. The surface with printed electronics can glow and the timing and sequence of lighting up can be controlled, thus, allowing consumers to have a better interactive experience with a packaging box. For cohesion, Starlite believes in building a conducive working environment with a passionate and committed workforce. To achieve this objective, it adopts a two-tier approach by having management that cares and having staff who treat Starlite as their own company.