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Focus on quality and purity

Mr Boggs: "The SME100 award reinforces and even increases our desire to accomplish more."

THE JCS group of companies, which is among the winners of the SME100 awards this year was founded 27 years ago in 1990 by Jason Yeo and includes companies that provide products and solutions for the technology, biotech, renewable energy, aerospace, healthcare and consumer markets.

The focal companies for the award were BioCair, a market-leading non-toxic disinfectant used by hospitals, clinics, schools and thousands of consumers; and DeepTea, an organic tea that is restoring the purity of tea culture. "We are honoured to receive the award. It represents a milestone and mirrors the quality and acceptance of our products," says Richard Boggs, CEO of BioCair, which is a part of JCS. He received the award on behalf of the group.

"The award is recognition of the work our team has done. It reinforces and even increases our desire to accomplish more. The award continues to elevate the JCS Group in the eyes of our customers and partners. It is a symbol of quality and innovation," he says. Mr Boggs says JCS's commitment to development of innovative products and technology is the foundation of the company.

Looking ahead, he adds: "Our focus is constant development of innovative products and technologies, and we have a number of new products in development that will be launched in the coming months. Our immediate plans include the introduction of DeepTea 7, a range of bottled tea drinks and the continued expansion of BioCair non-toxic disinfection products for healthcare in Singapore and international markets."

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JCS Venture Lab is the corporate incubator of the JCS Group. It has been appointed by Spring Singapore under its Incubator Development Programme to support startups in the advanced manufacturing and engineering, and clean technology sectors. Recent product developments and introductions from the JCS Group include BioCair and DeepTea. The latter is a brand new concept that reintroduces tea drinking culture into our modern society. In the hustle and bustle of our daily life, how often do people stop to quietly appreciate a cuppa? JCS says DeepTea was founded to restore tea purity and originality by combining modern agriculture technologies with proven harvesting techniques, passed down for generations. The firm adopts an uncompromising stance on selection of sites for its tea plantation - in a pristine environment 1,500 metres in the mountains, free of pollutants.

"It is DeepTea's mission to share the goodness of tea and restore peace, harmony and calmness for our consumers. As we are in the business of sharing the true 'spirit and soul' of tea, DeepTea uses innovative ways to promote and cultivate a tea-drinking culture. Through technological innovation and scientific research, we offer a wide array of tea blendsthat are original, pure, authentic and organic."

Apart from having 18 types of tea blends, DeepTea also offers seven ready-to-drink bottled drinks made from organic products. BioCair, part of JCS Biotech Pte Ltd, is a market leader in the rapidly growing non-toxic disinfection marketplace. It eliminates 99.999 per cent of pathogens found in the air and on surfaces within 60 seconds of contact. All BioCair products are non-toxic, non-irritable, contain no alcohol, are made from food-graded ingredients and are child safe. BioCair's breakthrough BC-65 technology is based on how the human immune system fights pathogens to protect and heal the body.