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Notching a new high in service

Mr Teo: "Our professional standard in financial advisory is probably second to none."

SME100 award winner Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd (PIAS) is a multi-award winning financial adviser (FA) in Singapore. Established in 2001, it is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The company says that it is one of the largest, most respected and fastest-growing FA with a highly competent advisory team.

"PIAS is a progressive organisation as it continuously strives to set the professional standard for financial advice in Singapore; providing positive value to our clients by delivering quality financial advice and solutions that are tailored to their varying needs. We are committed to ensuring that our clients' financial goals are achieved by providing personalised and holistic solutions," says Christopher Teo Sze Teck, its chief executive officer.

Winning this award will certainly motivate PIAS and help propel the company in its status as the premier financial advisory company in Singapore, he adds. "After winning this Award, we will not rest on our laurels. Instead, we will strive to stay ahead of the competition by leveraging this recognition to continue growing and excelling in whatever we do; in the overall best interest of all our stakeholders which include our much-valued customers."

Mr Teo says that PIAS has grown to become a recognised financial advisory brand name in Singapore. It has a team of over 500 qualified financial advisers who are individually among the best in the field. "Our professional standard in financial advisory is probably second to none," he adds. "At PIAS, our advisers offer truly personalised financial solutions. We pride ourselves on being able to recommend and provide sound financial planning and strategies for our clients throughout their different life stages, and not just act as a mere product distributor," says Mr Teo.

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Today, there are a lot more financial products on the market. While this is good news, however, it can be daunting for clients to make an informed decision. Complex and changing legislation adds to further uncertainty. For many people, this can result in inadequate planning and lost opportunities. In today's changing world, sound professional advice is crucial to better financial outcomes, says Mr Teo.

To diversify and grow, PIAS moved strategically into new lines of business to provide "one-stop" financial services, offering a comprehensive range of financial products and services such as Excluded Investment Products (EIP) bonds and Wills Writing & Trust for its clients. "On helping our clients to grow their wealth through investing, we believe strongly in bringing only the best for them. To date, we have close to 300 funds on our approved product list, because we are selective about the fund houses we work with and the type of funds we bring on board," says Mr Teo.

On the company's plans going forward, Mr Teo says that it will further enhance its IT infrastructure and strengthen its corporate governance so that it can continue to build trust and provide excellent service to its clients. PIAS has 65 corporate staff supporting over 445 advisers, who are managed by 21 financial services directors. Each team specialises in servicing a differing and/or niche clientele segment.

Through innovative recruitment strategies and the good brand name, the company has recently attracted seven new teams with a total of 58 experienced advisers to add more breadth, diversity and dynamism to its growth. PIAS's annual turnover in 2016 was S$49.86 million.