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One-stop container solution

Ms Choo: "In this competitive environment, being able to increase efficiency is a valuable asset."

AS A new company that was formed just over a year ago, EVO Green Transportation is delighted in receiving the SME100 award, says its director Natalie Choo. "Everyone involved has put in an extraordinary amount of effort and time in order to make the company a success.

"Being the recipient of the SME100 award is proof that our sacrifices were well worth it; a tangible mark of recognition that ours is a fast-moving company that has achieved many of its goals in such a short amount of time," she says.

Getting the SME100 award will help in the company's growth in many ways, according to Ms Choo. "As a boost to our company morale, it motivates us to work even harder to provide better services and equipment for our existing customers. At the same time, it also demonstrates to our potential customers our ability to handle their logistical needs in a timely and efficient manner, and that we should be their first port of call, always. This award has also given us the impetus to expand our fleet and manpower to meet increasing demands." Ms Choo says that one of the reasons her company bagged the award is that it was the first company in Singapore to provide liquid transportation of up to 32,000 litres in one shipment. "We have helped our customers save time and costs for their products.

"In this competitive environment, being able to increase efficiency for our customers is a valuable asset to them, which in turn also helps to maximise their profits. Doing so, we have proven not only our worthiness to them, but also our contributions to the market."

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As a transport company, EVO Green Transportation moves refrigerated and general cargo containers. It is also capable of transporting liquid products using its tankers and ISO tanks to and from the customers' plants for various uses.

The company also operates a bonded warehouse that enables it to handle bonded cargo for customers who deal in transhipments. At the same time, the company is also skilled at handling documentation for both imports and exports. As for plans going forward, says Ms Choo: "The expansion of our fleet to 10 vehicles with the corresponding manpower is our immediate concern, with an eye to meeting the rising transport requirements of our existing and potential customers.

"Additionally, we aim to provide a complete one-stop service that is hassle-free for our clients, who require freight services, transportation and warehousing."

The company is a seasoned hand in assisting clients in their shipping and container demands which can also be complicated and time-sensitive. With seven prime movers, 37 trailers, three ISO tank containers and two 30-foot tankers at its disposal, EVO Green primarily focuses on the movement of liquid transportation.

It also provides haulier services for both general cargo and refrigerated containers. In addition, it is well-acquainted with all the documentation that follows such movement of cargo, and can also provide warehousing services if necessary.EVO Green Transportation says that it is also proud to be a sponsor for the National Day Parade providing logistical support for the annual massive undertaking. It is also committed to this year's parade as well as for the years to come.