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Social Innovation and How IT Works


MODERN society has come a long way, in part due to large corporations who are not only concerned with the economy, but also the good of mankind and the sustainability of the planet we live in, leading to the use of technology to better the lives of many around the world.

Hitachi goes beyond having a corporate social responsibility and makes it a fundamental belief that its business should work for society. Over the years, Hitachi has strived to improve peoples’ lives through solutions that are effective, efficient and sustainable - fulfilling its social innovation mission “to contribute to the society through the development of superior, original technology and products”.

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The use of Hitachi’s experience in advanced Information Technology (IT) as a backbone to social innovation made the development of improved solutions and systems possible, enhancing liveability in many countries, such as transportation, water treatment, energy, healthcare, information, and telecommunications.

Better mobility in better cities

Transforming cities to a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment have been possible especially through the development of enhanced transport and mobility systems.

Japan’s famous Shinkansen for example, the high-speed railway system managed by Japan Railway Group is a fast speed, electric powered locomotive that connects many major cities in Japan in a faster, safer and more efficient way.

Above: Shinkansen Series E5

Despite being one of the more popular modes of transport in Japan, the Shinkansen’s speed, efficiency, and ability to transport more passengers per trip means it only produces about 16% of CO₂ per individual transported as compared to passenger cars.

Hitachi was not only part of the core development team for the first Shinkansen train, but also the provider of many systems, technology, and solutions that enables the Shinkansen service today to continue holding its reputation as one of the world’s safest and most punctual train service.

Winning critical acclaim in areas such as Railway Management, Signalling Systems, Information Systems, and Intelligent Traffic Management Systems, proves that Hitachi is truly dedicated to providing complete solutions that could improve the lives of many in today’s societies.

Hitachi Innovation Forum

Recognising that innovation is the engine of positive change, and information is its fuel, the Hitachi Innovation Forum will be held outside Japan for the first time, and in South-east Asia on Nov 19, 2014 at Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore.

Themed “Social Innovation - It’s Our Future, Empowering Business and Society with Information”, the forum aims to address problems faced by today’s ASEAN societies and businesses with a wide range of exhibitions, conferences, and seminars, where visitors can network and learn about Hitachi’s various innovative solutions that have proven to be beneficial in other parts of the world.

Through the various conferences and seminars hosted by experienced speakers, professionals from various industries such as manufacturing, materials, IT, management, healthcare, transport, and so on, will be able to learn from Hitachi’s experience in advanced IT technology and innovative solutions, and bring this back to their own businesses.

One such conference, titled “Developing Strategic Innovation Capabilities”, will be presented by Professor Neo Boon Siong, Chairman of Nanyang Executive Programmes, Nanyang Technological University. The conference will discuss how the combination of thinking ahead, thinking again and thinking across corporate strategies can unleash innovation potential with significant strategic impacts. Actual examples will also be presented to show how organisations may develop these innovation capabilities for the strategic transformation of both institutions and society.

Exhibitions are also deliberately planned to focus on 10 important aspects of a smart and sustainable city – Big Data, Cloud Services, Mobility, Industry, Finance, Security, Healthcare, Transportation, Water, and Energy. In each of these categories, experienced Hitachi exhibitors will showcase systems and solutions to address important issues faced by ASEAN countries, from upstream research to practical usage of the technologies on products and services.

The forum is held in conjunction with Hitachi’s 50th Anniversary in Singapore and hopes to express its commitment of Social Innovation to the country, while highlighting Hitachi's history and business activities here.

In keeping true to Hitachi’s spirit of working for society, admission to the Hitachi Innovation Forum is free for professionals interested to tap on Hitachi’s wealth of experience. Visit for more information on the forum, or to pre-register today.