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Fast track to leadership

MANY professional service companies are placing their high-potential people on a programme that is aimed at grooming them to become future leaders. Here are some of the development tracks at Deloitte:

  • Mobility programme: Part of an experience-based leadership development is the rotation of employees across disciplines, divisions and geographies, to provide a more diverse base of experience and perspectives.
  • Greater learning opportunities: Focus high-potential employees' attention on priority topics, including those that help build behavioural skills at a much greater pace, and other self-paced learning programmes that accelerate their growth.
  • Opportunities for challenging work: Encourage them to take development initiatives outside of the classroom and put these employees in projects that allow them to solve real-world business issues, as a way to expand high-potential employees' perspectives on how the business operates.
  • Mentorship: Pair high-potential employees with internal senior mentors so that they are introduced to years of knowledge and experience.

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