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Managing the risk of BYOD

AT software solutions provider NICE Systems, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) was introduced in January 2013. The company adopts a three-pronged strategy when it comes to managing the risk of BYOD.

  • Implement a corporate mobility policy that outlines security and responsibilities for both employer and employee. The company does not force employee to use personal device at work. It is voluntary. Should an employee choose to use a personally owned device at work, he or she needs to sign up to the policy beforehand. This is to ensure compliance with the data privacy regulations in different countries. Employee must also be aware that in the event the device is lost or there is a threat to data security, the device will be locked and wiped.
  • Adopt mobile device management (MDM) tools and services. These are used to enforce corporate policies, device platform specific policies, the remote wiping of corporate data or devices, device locking, as well as the encryption of e-mail, attachments and files.
  • Implement a global service centre with a centrally-managed device management software platform and application management system. This will push updates and the removal of apps, and enforce network security policies to prevent unauthorised access to the NICE network using smart devices.