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Showing its mettle in extreme conditions

Edox Iceman Chronoffshore-1 was was there to time and record Christian Redl's dive into the bone-chilling two degree Centigrade water under a frozen Austrian alpine lake high on the Austrian alps.

Edox Iceman Chronoffshore-1.

Edox Sauber F1 Chronorally Limited Edition.

EDOX Iceman Chronoffshore-1. This new chronograph, in a 45mm black PVD-coated stainless steel case, can go as far as 500 metres deep in water and still tick. We're talking of not just any water, but near-freezing cold water.

Early this year, the first man to free-dive under the polar ice cap in the North Pole, Christian Redl, took a plunge of 200 metres into the bone-chilling two-degree Centigrade water under a frozen Austrian alpine lake high on the Austrian alps - and scored yet another world record for deepest free-dive under ice.

Redl, nicknamed "The Iceman" for his feats in ice free-diving, had on only a 2mm-thick wetsuit to insulate him from the numbing cold water - and the Edox Iceman Chronoffshore-1 which "played a pivotal role as he swam deep under the ice".

The watch was there to time and record Redl's dive. According to Edox, an independent Swiss watchmaker which has been around for over 130 years, the Iceman Chronoffshore-1 is "engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions", where split-second accurate timing was "a matter of life and death".

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The watch has a ceramic bezel that features yellow accented numerals on the first quarter, which is used to time Redl's free-dives - Redhl, who is Edox's brand ambassador, is able to hold his breadth for up to seven minutes. The white indices stand out even underwater, with an oversized yellow "1" .

The latter refers to the Class-1 Powerboat Championship, the F1 of the seas, which Edox is the official timekeeper. This is also underpinned on the case-back, where there's an engraving of the propeller that powers super-boats. Edox caters also to motor sports and this is reflected in the new Edox Sauber F1 Chronorally Limited Edition (555 pieces), the official watch of the Sauber F1 Team ahead of the FIA Formula One Championship. The team was started in 1970 by Peter Sauber, who designed his first racing car in the cellar of his parents' house. The watch, in a 48mm titanium case with oversized push buttons, is said to be crafted for the fastest drivers and "built to function with split-second accuracy amid high G-Forces at high speed turns on the F1. Edox timepieces are distributed in Singapore by Crystal Time. The Iceman Chronoffshore-1 retails at S$2,380.75 and the Sauber F1 Chronorally Limited Edition at S$2,541.25 - prices which are 30-40 per cent lower than previous models, according to Crystal Time.