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Finally, MB&F's first timepiece for ladies

The Legacy Machine FlyingT represents the epitome of femininity, combining supreme elegance with tremendous vitality.

SPEAK of the "seven-year itch", and "unfaithfulness" and "breakaway" come to mind. Creative energy coming in seven-year cycles? For independent luxury watch brand MB&F and its founder, Maximilian Busser, this suggests "departure" and "trying something new". Not far different from the "seven-year itch"?

Well, MB&F isn't thinking about relationships, but making things. The seven-year creative cycle is Mr Busser's explanation for coming out with MB&F's Legacy Machine collection in its first seventh year - and, now that MB&F has just touched the end of its second seventh year, the brand has yet again created something new. This is the Legacy Machine FlyingT, MB&F's first women's timepiece.

While the inspirations for MB&F's earlier models came from Mr Busser's personal experiences - his favourite toys and cartoon characters when he was growing up - the Legacy Machine FlyingT (T stands for Tourbillon) represents "the epitome of femininity" as reflected by the women in his life, particularly his mum.

"It had to combine supreme elegance with tremendous vitality," Mr Busser says. These qualities are seen in the lines and composition of the watch. Lines and composition which are, as MB&F says, as refined and pure as any other Legacy Machine - and yet they possess the dynamism and exuberance of a central flying tourbillon.

The column-like structure of the flying tourbillon stands for Mr Busser's strong conviction "that women form the pillar of humanity".

The Legacy Machine FlyingT, a three-dimensional horological art piece like all MB&F timepieces, is not a lazy production - it's not a downsized masculine Legacy Machine with a different colour added. Certainly The Legacy Machine FlyingT is not created overnight. In fact, the process of its creation started four years ago.

The timepiece features a highly convex sapphire crystal dome that gracefully curves above the case, while the oscillating flying tourbillon is raised high above the dial centre.

The 38.5 millimetres wide white-gold case is completely re-designed. Case height and diameter were reduced to shift the focus to the convex sapphire crystal dome.

Reading the time is a personal affair with the hour and minutes indicated by a pair of blued serpentine hands on a small subdial at seven o'clock, tilted (at 50 degrees) in a way that only the wearer can see it. A crown on the left side of the watch is used for winding the watch, the one on the right is for setting time.

Flip the watch over and there's a stunning three-dimensional red gold sun-shaped rotor with sculpted rays spread across the caseback. The 280-component automatic movement is built on the mechanisms of the Horological Machine collection, the HM6 series and HM7 Aquapod specifically. It has a power reserve of four days - the highest in MB&F's current collection.

Of course, being a timepiece dedicated to women, there's also the diamonds - and they come in three versions on the model: black lacquer dial plate with case set in brilliant-cut diamonds; dial plate and case both fully set in brilliant-cut diamonds; and dial plate and case both fully set in baguette-cut diamonds.

For added sparkle, a single huge diamond moves in harmony with the rotating tourbillon cage below it in all three versions of the Legacy Machine FlyingT.

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