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G-Shock goes luxe

This premium range of G-Shock watches goes up to S$100,000 . . . and owning one might be harder than you think.

The MRG-G2000GA is inspired by traditional Japanese swords and hand-finished by a master sword maker.

(Left) At a shocking S$100,000, the G-D5000-9 is the most expensive G-Shock watch ever. (Right) The GMW-B5000V – the cheaper version of the G-Shock Gold at S$1,349.

The award-winning MTG-B1000 design is also a colourful commemorative piece for the 20th anniversary of the MTG model MTG-B1000RB.


THE DW-5000C is a very special watch in G-Shock history and not just because it was the first model the brand ever launched in 1983.

Three and half decades in, the square timepiece remains iconic as ever and it's no surprise that Casio chose to give it a full metal makeover last year to celebrate the brand's 35th anniversary.

Launched as the GMW-B5000D, there have been various versions but the one that takes the cake must be the G-D5000-9 which is presented in full 18-carat gold.

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It comes with an eye-watering price tag of S$100,000 - making it the most expensive G-Shock ever - and the run is limited to just 35 pieces worldwide. Delivery starts in November and interested buyers in Singapore had to ballot for it and then make full payment by the end of July. The watch is currently sold out.

The G-D5000-9 was first presented as a concept watch at Baselworld in 2015 and took about five years to perfect as the skill artisans who worked on it had to figure out a way to achieve an impact-resistance structure with gold.

It has similar features as the GMW-B5000D series except for the Bluetooth mobile link function.

If you missed out on the G-D5000-9, there is a slightly more affordable version in the form of the GMW-B5000V (S$1,349), which is also the metal facelift version modelled after the brand's 1983 original.

This limited edition features an aged finish which is achieved by partially removing some of the black ion plating used on the case and band. Its battered looks perfectly embody what the brand stands for: absolute toughness through the ages.


The MR-G series is Casio's top of the line G-Shock and the watches usually feature an unparallelled level of craftsmanship. So, it's no surprise the limited edition MRG-G2000GA (price unavailable) is in a class of its own.

It only has a production run of 300 pieces and the watch is heavily inspired by traditional Japanese swords. The watch will be launched at the end of August.

Each is hand-finished by a master craftsman from the world-famous Gassan family of swordsmiths; and the MRG-G2000GA is aesthetically faithful right down to centre band's rasp mark pattern - commonly found on the tang of a Japanese sword to keep it from slipping out of the hilt - which Sadanobu Gassan, who is sixth in the Gassan line, personally applies by himself.

A kanji character, derived from the tanto hitosuji (a singular dedication to forging) ethos of the Gassan tradition, is also inscribed on the second link in the band.

The recrystallised titanium case sparkles like the temper line on the blade; while the bezel is made from Cobarion 2, which is twice as tough as stainless steel but can rival platinum in shine, and bevelled to resemble the tip of a Japanese sword.

A Koki-murasaki (deep purple) treatment is also applied onto the Arc Ion Plating to give the watch a colour traditionally associated with nobility in Japan.

Inside, the MRG-G2000GA boasts cutting edge technology as radio wave, GPS and Bluetooth all work to ensure accurate and automatic time-keeping even when the wearer moves through time zones around the world.


The G-Shock MTG received a facelift last March in Baselworld when the MTG-B1000 was unveiled. Earlier this year, it won the prestigious iF Design Award, which Casio incidentally also previously picked up in 2018 for the G-Steel GST-B100X watch.

A new Core Guard Structure improves the shock resistance of the latest MTG and has also resulted in the watch boasting a more streamlined profile that improves wearability.

Its Connected Engine Module and Mobile Link functions make it capable of receiving radio wave time calibration signals; while Bluetooth connectivity allows the MTG-B1000 to access local time servers and control functions like alarms and the world timer via a paired smartphone.

A commemorative 20th anniversary model, MTG-B1000RB (S$1,499), has also been released for the occasion. The watch comes with rainbow ion plating that resembles the sight of a rare lunar rainbow.