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BT's TOP 40

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The COE quota shrinks for the second straight quarter, contracting 6.2 per cent to 24,234 for the period between next month and January next year.

SINGAPORE experienced disruption on a number of fronts in 2014. Lawmakers took on rising healthcare costs and stretched public transportation with with a number of new measures. In Singapore's...

THE year 2013 was a particularly touchy one for Singaporeans, with a stock market crisis, a blow-up over population policies and a record haze rubbing the nation the wrong way.

INVESTMENT firm Muddy Waters published a critical report about commodities trader Olam International in November, the first time a prominent Singapore-listed company had come under a publicised short...

THE People's Action Party's (PAP) worst election performance since Independence forced out a sitting Cabinet minister and marked the rise of the Worker's Party (WP) when the Aljunied...

THE task of rebuilding and preparing for the future took priority as the worst of the global financial crisis faded into the rear-view mirror, and big ambitions and schemes, not all of them...

THE world spent much of 2009 dealing with the impact of the global financial crisis, and Singapore was no different.

WITH a single bankruptcy application on Sept 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers set off a global financial crisis.

SINGAPORE stepped up its revitalisation as a tourism destination in the years leading into the 2010s with bold plans to create world-class destinations and events, and in 2007 those efforts...

SINGAPORE government-owned investment company Temasek Holdings announced plans in January 2006 to buy a 49.6 per cent stake in Thai conglomerate Shin Corp for 73 billion baht from the family of...