Focus: Chemicals Hub

Five years since land reclamation was completed, Jurong Island is now home to more than 100 companies with investments of over S$47 billion. Of this, more than S$10 billion was committed in the past two years alone. BT looks back at the process of creating the island, and the investments that made it what it is today.  


The making of Jurong Island

Click through these maps to see how Jurong Island took shape over time. The maps are not drawn to scale.





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Sources: SPH archives, JTC Corporation, Economic Development Board,

By: Charmaine Martin, Ravi Gandhi, Simon Ang, Weatherly Tan, Andrea Soh and Teh Shi Ning

JURONG Island version 2.0 has not yet run its full course, but the government is already looking at the next phase.

JURONG Island is not just about the big MNCs. The chemicals hub there has also helped to lift the capabilities of Singapore small and medium enterprises (SMEs) such as Tiong Woon, Rotary Engineering...

Specialty chemicals investments have been growing in Singapore, with two new chemical "corridors" on Jurong Island for synthetic rubber and high-purity ethylene oxide (HPEO). See how the...

Singapore has built up a long value chain in chemicals, with the refineries producing feedstock for crackers, and eventually, specialty chemicals.