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PODCAST: How to start cryptocurrency investing in Singapore (Money Hacks, Ep 4)

Money Hacks BT ST
Money Hacks

Money Hacks 

Episode 4

Duration: 10:50 mins

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Synopsis: In this new podcast series for 2018, The Straits Times and The Business Times offer tips for the newcomer to the financial investment scene. Say you are an adventurous young person keen to experiment with cryptocurrency investment, how do you get started in Singapore? If you are a senior and a first-time investor, how do you navigate and find out more before making an informed decision? We pose these scenarios to Mr Anson Zeall, the chairman of the Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups Singapore (Access).

Produced by: Ernest Luis & Christopher Lim

Listeners: Send us your questions or scenarios for our experts to tackle, to:

Do note: Any financial or investment information in this podcast is for use in Singapore only and is intended to be for your general information. Any particular investment or decision should only be made after consulting with a fully qualified financial adviser.

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