WHEN Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to increase the supply of rental housing last year, millions of young Chinese expected to find homes they would finally be able to afford.

How can digital marketplaces set up by banks help you save, and calculate various scenarios without the hassle of setting up numerous meetings or visiting branches?

EMERGING-market stocks slumped to the edge of bear territory as fear of contagion spread throughout the developing world.

THE hedge fund veteran who predicted the peak of the emerging-market rally says a seven-month rout is almost over.


AS I watched the documentary China Hustle this week, there was a sense that all of it sounded familiar.


There is an old Chinese saying: "For every ten gamblers, nine will be losers". This may be the case for a down-at-luck gamer staring in shock at the card table, but the casino itself may...


CONGLOMERATES tend to come and go out of fashion like flared jeans. But what happens to be in vogue or popular should not influence the way we invest. Our reasons for buying shares in any company...

WEALTHY foreigners are spending billions of pounds on homes near London's top private schools, even as demand for prime property in the British capital falters, new research has found...

A BARCELONA company sparked outrage in Spain on Thursday with a plan to rent tiny pods where low income workers would live side-by-side like bees in a hive for as little as 200 euros (S$319) a month.

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Two interesting phenomena in India have captured interest from around the world over the past several months.

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