Janet Yellen walks into a bar...

OK, I only have two QE jokes. Here goes nothing:

Janet Yellen walks into a bar, and she sees they've converted part of the bar into a little bakery. Being partial to the occasional buttery snack, Ms Yellen walks over to buy some sweets.

"I'll have some of those buns from the top of that rack, please," she tells the baker.

"Sure. Any of the premium buns from the lower shelf?" the baker asks.

"No thanks, they don't look so good," Ms Yellen replies. Then, she remembers a colleague's birthday. "Do you sell cakes?"

"Why, yes, we do," the baker replies.

"Great. Can you write something on it?"

"Yes, but we'll have to charge you by the letter."

"What? That's ridiculous! Nobody does that!" an incredulous Ms Yellen exclaims.

"I'm sorry, Ms Yellen," the baker explains. "See that sign over there? If you have zero lower buns, you get quantitative icing."

Ba dum tss.


When the US Fed said it was going to put an end to QE2 by the middle of 2011, I wonder if the Queen got a fright?


Who else has QE jokes?

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