[CHICAGO] With meat shortages roiling the US, some Wendy's Co restaurants have taken burgers, their hallmark item,off the menu.

[BEIJING] Just over two months ago, the Jinyuan Fucheng Beef Hotpot restaurant in northern Beijing had a long line of customers waiting outside its doors almost every night of the week.

[CHICAGO] As restaurants around the US close, prices for the cut of pork used to make bacon have plunged to lows not seen since Bill Clinton was president.

[BUENORS AIRES] Argentines, who have long been among the world's most voracious meat eaters, can no longer afford to binge on their own beef.

THE Golden Globes may be known as the "party of the year", but for the American beef industry, there won't much to celebrate when the festivities kick off on Sunday.

[PARIS] Researchers said on Wednesday they believe they may have found the cause of mad cow disease, while stressing the need to maintain precautionary measures to avoid a potential re-emergence...

THE American beef industry, wary of the vegan-burger craze that's sweeping the nation, is trying to scrub its image as a greenhouse-gas-emitting machine.

[OTTAWA] China has agreed to resume imports of Canadian beef and pork, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday, signalling a breakthrough in their tense relations.

BY ANY STRETCH of the tongue, Jeollanam-do is a real twister. But when it comes to food, nothing could be more straightforward – because when it comes to Korean culinary history, this southernmost...

You may love a good steak but cattle show no love for the environment, thanks to the infamous greenhouse gases caused by their methane emissions.