[PARIS] The French tourism industry fears a hit to its booming Chinese business as the coronavirus epidemic hinders travel by some of the world's biggest-spending travellers.


THREE years ago the clientele at Hollywood Disco Pattaya were mostly South Koreans. Then the Chinese started to dominate the disco, chasing the Koreans away, according to manager Damrongkieat...

[LONDON] The world's biggest cruise-ports operator is looking to expand in South-east Asia, a budding hotspot for Chinese voyagers that could eventually rival the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

[BANGKOK] From quiet beaches in Bali to empty rooms in Hanoi's hotels, pangs from China's economic malaise and weakening yuan are being felt across South-east Asia's vacation belt.

CHINA'S economy is slowing down - weighed down by a trade spat with the US with no resolution in sight - but there's no let-up in its consumers' wanderlust.

FOR the better part of a decade, wealthy Chinese tourists have been on a feeding frenzy for luxury brands, casinos and cruise lines. Now, there are doubts about how long the buffet will last.

US President Donald Trump may have set off a trade war with China. But it isn't hurting one key industry in his hometown....