THE slide of so many bond yields below zero may cost pension funds and other institutional investors a trillion dollars this year.

THE unrest in Hong Kong has led to as much as US$5 billion of capital outflow from investment funds in the Asian financial hub since April, the Bank of England (BOE) said.

[KUALA LUMPUR] The funds that won big from Asia's worst-performing major equity market placed their bets on technology stocks.

NORWAY has always said its sovereign wealth fund belongs to the people. But recently, that's needed a bit of clarification.

THE majority of global fund managers have become exceedingly bullish about the prospects of Wall Street and other global markets.

[NEW YORK] Tweets and talk may have recently raged about trade wars and rising interest rates, but that pessimism didn't hamper three of the second quarter's better-performing mutual funds.

NEVER mind the trade war. A looming US interest-rate cut is set to replace tariff headlines as the key driver of developing Asian bonds, according to money managers.

[LONDON] Natixis-backed H2O Asset Management, which until last week defied a slump in the industry with stellar returns, saw assets at a group of its largest funds experience their biggest ever...

THE US dollar is set to rise out of its current trading range as America's tariff dispute with China takes a turn for the worse. That's according to fund managers who reckon markets are...

PEOPLE who put their money into index funds seem to make fewer decisions than other investors. And that leads to better performance.