The ECB is expected to resume buying corporate bonds this year to revive a faltering economy, crimping the returns from investment-grade bonds and pushing investors into so-called junk debt.

[HONG KONG] Warnings about bond covenants often seem to fall on deaf ears. Just ask Jake Avayou.

[HONG KONG] The wild ride in an Indonesia textile maker's dollar bonds is putting a spotlight on the risks that Asia junk bond buyers are taking.

AS THE Federal Reserve moves closer to expanding the money supply, corporate bond investors are snatching up notes and taking more risk - but not too much more.

HIGH-YIELD corporate bond funds saw the pace of outflows accelerate this week amid global trade tensions and growth worries.

[HONG KONG] A surge in junk-rated bonds has made Chinese borrowers more aggressive, with select ones succeeding in cutting their costs for repaying bonds early, a change from standard practice...