Parkview Museum’s new show renders the world in partially unrecognisable forms, so we see it more clearly

FORGET GAME OF Thrones . The TV show that global audiences almost unanimously agree is a masterpiece is the recently-concluded HBO series Chernobyl.

Yayoi Kusuma is well known as one of the most successful living artists in the world with her signature bright and happy dotted art works.

GUO PEI'S HAUTE couture dresses aren't so much dresses as grand sartorial fantasies. They feature extravagant designs, luxurious fabrics, sophisticated craftsmanship, and throwbacks to the...

Singapore fathers are carving a middle ground between old-school Asian disciplinarian and liberal Western parent

SIRI HOUSE at Dempsey is the hipster meeting place du jour, bringing design, art, retail and food under one roof.

NATIONAL GALLERY SINGAPORE has never felt more alive and kicking than it does now with the opening of a new exhibition titled Awakenings: Art In Society In Asia 1960s - 1990s...

GOOD THINGS, they say, come in threes.

HOURS BEFORE THE Esplanade Theatre doors were opened, hardcore fans of music legend Ryuichi Sakamoto had started queuing for the best seats in the house.

When Funan reopens in June 2019, it will look nothing like the old Funan famous for its IT and electronics shops. There’s an 18,000 sq ft Food Garden where a wide variety of edible plants are...