[NEW YORK] Rent the Runway Inc is bringing its high-end subscription clothing to hotel closets.

THIS should be the heyday of independent hotels, which by their very nature offer the distinctive experiences sought by many travellers.

[WASHINGTON] Marriott International, the world's largest hotel chain, said on Wednesday it was ditching single-use toiletry bottles as part of plans to reduce its environmental impact.

[NEW YORK] Moxy and Motto. Autograph, Avid and Alila. Edition, Element and Even. Big hotel management companies have been acquiring or inventing new brands at a dizzying pace in the past several...


MARRIOTT International's home-sharing venture lacks a disruptive edge. The US$46 billion hotelier is borrowing Airbnb's model of renting out high-end homes.

[NEW YORK] As many as 500 million guests at Marriott International hotels may have been victims of a hack that in many cases pilfered passport numbers, birthdates or other identifying data dating...