UNTIL recently, the spectre of negative interest rates seemed a distant one - afflicting parts of Europe since around 2015, and Japan in 2016.


THE declining economic outlook and increasing political pressure are pushing central banks into more aggressive unconventional monetary policies.

THE European Central Bank (ECB) is about to turn the screws again on financial institutions by diving even deeper into negative interest rates.


MOST Germans live by the credo that saving is a virtue, but the European Central Bank's (ECB) negative interest rates risk making a mockery of the national obsession, prompting politicians to seek...


WITH negative interest rates increasingly common - even in growing economies - central banks might not have much room to cut in a severe economic downturn. On Monday, both Germany and the US...

[CHANTILLY, Virginia] It's not just Japanese banks that are feeling the squeeze from the Bank of Japan's (BOJ) negative interest rates, their employees are too.