[LAGOS] Nigeria on Friday announced the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa.

NIGERIA'S biggest city has partially banned the use of motorcycle taxis following an escalating number of fatal accidents, dealing a blow to Softbank Group Corp-backed OPay and a potential boost...

NIGERIANS may have to do without their favourite delicacy this Christmas. Jollof, a mixture of rice, tomatoes and spices, is practically a national dish in Nigeria, Africa's most-populous country...

[ABUJA] The Nigerian government saved hundreds of millions of naira by centralising its employee-payment system - laying hundreds of thousands of ghosts to rest in the process.

[KODO, Nigeria] Surrounded by four children, Ladi Usman scoops shea nut paste from a plastic container into a metal pot on the stove in her cramped kitchen.

[ABUJA] Nigeria will keep its land borders closed to trade until at least Jan 31, 2020, the customs spokesman told Reuters on Sunday.

[LONDON] A British judge on Friday gave the green light for a tiny private firm to seize more than US$9 billion in assets from the Nigerian government over a failed natural gas deal.

[LAGOS] Uber Technology is planning to launch its boat business in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial capital and biggest city, to beat traffic congestion.


NIGERIA'S President Muhammadu Buhari successfully secured a second term at the helm of Africa's largest economy. Despite the controversial circumstances surrounding the run-up to the February poll...

[SINGAPORE] Singapore has reported its first case of the rare monkeypox virus brought in by a Nigerian man who authorities said may have been infected by bushmeat he ate at a wedding.